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Billion of Pampering Only For You (Web Novel) - Chapter 906: He Stood Her Up (4)

Chapter 906: He Stood Her Up (4)

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Mo Xiaomeng thought this feeling was too weird.

It was hardly even thirty minutes since they parted. Why did she miss him so much already?

Where could he be now…

The crowd was bustling, but when she looked around, there was not one familiar figure in sight. In the middle of all those people, she felt even more lonely.

She looked at the cell phone and thought that if he called her again she would pick up the call.

Thus, Mo Xiaomeng stared at the cell phone screen with eyes wide open.

Sure enough, in less than a few moments, the cell phone rang again.

Mo Xiaomeng smiled like the bright and beautiful sun.

“I knew you would call!”

Hehe, yay!

Just when she was about to answer the call, someone suddenly bumped her from behind.

“Sorry, sorry.”

Mo Xiaomeng instinctively turned back to look at the man who bumped into her. He wore glasses and looked well-mannered. And since he also apologized sincerely, she couldn’t get angry at him.

“It’s okay,” she smiled and said.

The well-mannered man was stunned for a moment. He pointed at her hand and said, “Your cell phone… that person took your cell phone!”

Mo Xiaomeng was startled, and she looked down at her hand.

The cell phone, that was in her hand, had vanished!

How did she not even sense her phone being stolen?!

Goodness gracious!

Mo Xiaomeng never imagined such a thing could happen. How could a phone that was held in her hand be stolen from her?

No. This was more like a snatch theft!

Before she had time to react, the well-mannered man was already feeling anxious for her. “Aren’t you gonna chase him? Hurry up and chase him already!”

Mo Xiaomeng then snapped out of it.

With her power, she had pretty much given up on the idea of getting back the stolen phone.

But now without her phone, how was she going to keep in contact with Ye Sijue!

Mo Xiaomeng started to panic. “My cell phone, my cell phone! What should I do!”

“Chase him! I’ll help you chase him!” said the well-mannered man.

“Thank you.”

Thus, under the guidance of the well-mannered man, the two chased after the thief.

However, there were a lot of small paths here like a maze and Mo Xiaomeng started to get dizzy. She also didn’t realize that there were gradually fewer people around them.

“I can’t do it. I can’t run anymore.” Mo Xiaomeng stopped and held herself against the railing by the river.

There was a small river running through Nanxiang Old Town, so one of the distinguishing features of the town were the many old bridges that could be found here.

The well-mannered man looked around and said to her, “Don’t be afraid. I know where those thieves are. I’ll take you there. I’ll definitely help you get your cell phone back.”

“Thank you,” Mo Xiaomeng said gratefully, unaware that she was walking into danger.

“Don’t thank me. It’s my fault that your cell phone was stolen. So, I’m to blame.” the well-mannered man laughed amiably, coming across as a good person.

“Bumped into you”…

Mo Xiaomeng was catching her breath when she stopped. A video that she had seen on the Internet two days ago flitted across her mind.

Thieves typically worked in a team. One person would be responsible for distracting the target’s attention while the other was responsible for the stealing.

One clear example from the video was when someone taps on your shoulder to distract you, and you turn your head to look, opening yourself up for an accomplice to steal your belongings.

In a lapse, Mo Xiaomeng couldn’t help but recall everything that had just happened.

The well-mannered man tapped on her shoulder, and after that, her cell phone was stolen.

If they were really acting in a group they had already succeeded. Why were they still continuing the act?

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