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Billion of Pampering Only For You (Web Novel) - Chapter 907: He Stood Her Up (5)

Chapter 907: He Stood Her Up (5)

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The well-mannered man sensed that she was acting differently, so he tried to feel her out. “Miss, is anything the matter? Let’s not rest too much and continue chasing him. Otherwise, your cell phone may be sold off very quickly.”

Mo Xiaomeng watched him.

Why are you so clear about the whole process?

Isn’t that strange?

And about what he said earlier about knowing where the thieves were… how would he know that?

But Mo Xiaomeng wasn’t stupid enough to blurt out her thoughts. Wouldn’t that be telling him that she had noticed things were off?

Mo Xiaomeng looked up at the sky. She grimaced and pretended to be feeling unwell.

“After running for so long, my head is a little dizzy… let me rest for a while more.”

When she lowered her head, she looked around with her peripheral vision to see if there was anyone that could help her.

But to her dismay, there was no one around except for one or two people passing by, but they were a little too far away, and even if she shouted, it wouldn’t be very helpful.

What should she do then?

Mo Xiaomeng panicked and lambasted herself for being so stupid that she came to a remote place with a stranger.

“Miss, if you are feeling unwell, why don’t I take you to the doctor?”

The well-mannered man walked over to her.

The closer he came to her, the more panicked Mo Xiaomeng became.

What could she do!!

In a moment’s helplessness, Mo Xiaomeng didn’t had time to think of a better idea, and she broke into a run.

The well-mannered man was already prepared, and he immediately chased after her.

Mo Xiaomeng had never run so fast before and the well-mannered man was quite annoyed, as though he had underestimated her strength.

Seeing that she was about to reach the more populated area, the well-mannered man gritted his teeth and sped up.

“Help!” Mo Xiaomeng shouted, her voice hoarse.

In the next second, the well-mannered man caught her hand from behind.

“Where are you going!” the well-mannered man shouted coldly at her.

Mo Xiaomeng shook with fear, and she continued shouting herself hoarse, “Help! Help!”

Just then, perhaps by a stroke of luck, a group of people just happened to pass by, and they quickly came up to her upon hearing her shouting for help.

Just when Mo Xiaomeng was feeling glad and was going to ask them for help…

The well-mannered man was even faster than her, and he suddenly grabbed her and said, “Sister, hurry up and come home with me!”

Upon hearing this, the group of people thought that they were siblings quarreling and they started walking away.

Mo Xiaomeng quickly shouted, “I don’t know him! This person is trying to get me! I’m not his sister. He wants to abduct me! Please help me!”

Perhaps it was because she was too good-looking and looking so pitiful that the boys in the group couldn’t bear to ignore her, so they surrounded them.

The well-mannered man quickly said, “She is really my sister. I’m not lying to you. She’s trying to run away from home. Some guy is playing her but she wants to take her money and elope with him. You be the judge. How can I just let her go?”

Mo Xiaomeng’s eyes widened in amazement.

She had never seen such a terrifying person. How could he lie through his teeth like that!

Just then, someone urged her, “Little girl, you should listen to your brother. Don’t run away with the man or you will regret it later. Go home with brother.”

“He is really not my brother!” Mo Xiaomeng was about to cry from the panic.

Flustered, she looked around, hoping to find Ye Sijue.

Where was he?

Then someone noticed something, “Eh? Does this girl look mixed-race?”

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