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Billion of Pampering Only For You (Web Novel) - Chapter 908: He Stood Her Up (6)

Chapter 908: He Stood Her Up (6)

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“There’s something you don’t know then. There’s an ethnic minority here in Nanxiang Old Town, so looking like that is very normal.”

“But there’s something wrong here… Her eyes look like they’re a deep blue color!”

“Eh! That seems to be the case!”

The tables had turned.

Mo Xiaomeng nodded her head hurriedly. “Yeah, yeah, I’m mixed blood. I’m actually not Chinese, but a foreigner.”

This time, it was the gentleman’s turn to be anxious. “She’s really my sister! Don’t be foolish! If she runs away with a man and something happens to her, will you be able to shoulder the responsibility?”

These words stopped some people in their tracks.

As the saying goes, “One shouldn’t be afraid that bad guys that act gangster, but should when they are cultured!”

Upon seeing that some of the people’s attitudes have changed, Mo Xiaomeng became angry and anxious. “I’m really not his sister! I came out to play with my boyfriend, and we’re staying in the seaside inn. Can you help me make a call? My phone has been stolen by them, and I can’t contact my boyfriend now.”

Upon hearing the words “seaside inn”, someone exclaimed, “That inn’s expensive. That means she’s rich.”

“She was deceived by a rich man— Ugh! Cough, cough…”

The gentleman wanted to continue fabricating his story, but his neck was suddenly choked by someone, and his face turned pale.

The crowd looked at the sudden appearance of a new man in shock.

What was happening?

Mo Xiaomeng was released and staggered two steps forward. Turning around, she met Ye Sijue’s gaze.

Her nose twinged instantly and she said aggrievedly, “Why are you only here now…”

Ye Sijue looked at her, his heart aching. “I’m sorry.”

The gentleman was stunned as he understood that both of them knew each other.

The crowd started to murmur. Could it be that this handsome man was this little beauty’s boyfriend? They looked like a couple, a perfect match!

The gentleman wanted to run away, but couldn’t. In the next second his hand was twisted behind his back and he was shrieking in pain.

The crowd seemed to almost hear the sound of bones cracking and looked at Ye Sijue in fear.

Ye Sijue looked like a demon in the dark as he threw the gentleman onto the ground. Pinning him down with his foot, he asked, his gaze icy, “Where is her phone?”

“It’s… It’s with my companions… Please, let me go…”

The gentleman pleaded weakly.

His words made the crowd realize that he had been lying all along!

“So he’s a human trafficker? It’s lucky that we didn’t trust him or this little lady would have suffered disastrously.”

“Human traffickers are the worst! We have to call the police! Yes, call the police!”

Upon hearing this, the gentleman’s spirits lifted. He felt that he would at least live if the police were called!

Ye Sijue increased the pressure of his foot and shot him a cold glare. “I’ll give you five minutes to return her phone.”

“Okay, okay… I-I’ll go and retrieve it… Ah! No, no, I won’t go back. I’ll make a call, I’ll make a call to get them to send it over here…”

The gentleman took out his phone to make a call.

Ye Sijue then released his foot.

The gentleman crawled up with difficulty and coughed a few times. He looked at Ye Sijue in fear.

After a few minutes someone brought the phone over. It was a woman. She was small and thin, and looked at them timidly.

“Could this be a person who was kidnapped by them?”

“I’m eighty percent sure of it!”

“What do you mean eighty percent? I think it is ninety-nine percent! These human traffickers should die!”

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