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Billion of Pampering Only For You (Web Novel) - Chapter 909: He Stood Her Up (7)

Chapter 909: He Stood Her Up (7)

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Once the woman came over, the gentleman snatched the phone away roughly before offering it back to Mo Xiaomeng with both hands.

After taking back her phone, Mo Xiaomeng glared at him angrily.

Ye Sijue pulled her to his side. Looping an arm around her, he patted her as he said, “How do you want to punish him?”

The crowd around them suggested, “Call the police! Little miss, you shouldn’t let them go. These human traffickers are the worst, and will never turn over a new leaf.”

“That’s right, they should be locked up!”

Mo Xiaomeng thought that this sounded right. “Call the police then.”

Upon hearing that the police were going to be called, the gentleman didn’t look very scared.

The corner of Ye Sijue’s mouth twitched darkly.

After a while, the policemen arrived and took both the gentleman and the thin woman away.

The crowd even reminded the policemen kindheartedly that the thin woman may have been kidnapped, and wished that they could investigate it properly and send her home.

The policemen agreed wholeheartedly that they would do so.

However, once the police car was a ways away, it stopped at a road. The gentleman got out, dragging the thin woman with him.

The crowd dispersed.

Mo Xiaomeng hugged Ye Sijue’s arm. She still had some lingering fears as she thought about what had happened earlier.

Her face was frowning as she said softly, “Why are the bad guys nowadays so scary…”

Ye Sijue lifted her chin so that she could look at him.

“Now that you know how scary it is out there, do you still want to run away?”

“I know I’m in the wrong now…” Mo Xiaomeng pouted and moved closer, burying her head in his chest. She listened to his calm and steady heartbeat and the fear in her heart seemed to be replaced by peace.

Ye Sijue kissed the top of her head. “Alright, let’s go and get you some food.”

Mo Xiaomeng shook her head. “I ate earlier.”

He replied mildly, “I haven’t eaten.”

Mo Xiaomeng paused. Lifting her head, she looked at him guiltily. “I’m sorry…”

Ye Sijue looked into her eyes and said, “It’s okay. Don’t do this again next time, alright? I’ll worry.”

“Okay.” Mo Xiaomeng nodded.

The pair went into the nearest restaurant.

After ordering their dishes, Ye Sijue made a call.

Mo Xiaomeng looked at him and asked, “Is Xiaoxiao and the rest arriving?”

“No,” Ye Sijue explained, “I’m calling the police. Some people tend to swerve from their line of duty and they need to be under supervision.”

Swerve from their line of duty? Mo Xiaomeng didn’t get the meaning behind those words.

Ye Sijue didn’t want her to know about the bad things that were happening and thus didn’t provide any further explanation.

That gentleman was evidently in cahoots with the police. He wouldn’t be taken to the police station but released along the way.

His call was to the head of the police bureau here to casually remind him of this matter. If the head still wanted to keep his post, he would know what to do.

Just then, Mo Xiaomeng’s phone rang.

She was delighted by the caller ID. “It’s Xiaoxiao!”

After her call, Mo Xiaomeng said to Ye Sijue happily, “Xiaoxiao says that they’re arriving! Oh yeah, they said that they want us to move over to where they’re staying so that we can all be together.”

Nanxiang Old Town was experiencing a tourist boom because of the Water Lantern Festival. The inns here were almost fully booked, and it would have been very difficult to book a reservation for a room if they just arrived.

Ye Sijue asked, “What inn have they booked?”

Mo Xiaomeng shook her head. “I don’t know. Xiaoxiao says that she’ll send us the address so that we can go there directly.”

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