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Billion of Pampering Only For You (Web Novel) - Chapter 1127: Do You Blame Me (3)

Chapter 1127: Do You Blame Me (3)

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Therefore, it was his fault.

Annie still shook her head and reached out to touch his face. “It’s my fault. I knew that she was a bad person, but I didn’t keep my guard up.”

She didn’t expect Tian Yunxin to push her into the lake.

Did Tian Yunxin think that Chris and Ye Sijue would believe her if she said that it wasn’t intentional?

As Annie touched his face, she suddenly felt that something was wrong, and she exclaimed, “Your face… Why is it so hot!”

She cupped Ye Sijue’s face in her hands and felt a burning sensation.

“Do you have a fever? Quickly change out of your wet clothes! Hurry up! Prepare hot water for him,” Annie anxiously instructed the helpers.

“I’m fine…” Ye Sijue put his hand over hers. His large palm was very hot as he held her little hand.

They were only holding hands but it was enough to make her heart tremble.

Ye Sijue’s face came up to hers. His eyes, as beautiful as a gem, gazed deeply and fixedly into her eyes.

He said with a deep, husky voice, “Xiaomeng… Do you blame me for not having said those words to you?”

Annie was choking as she said, “Which words?”

“I like…”

Before he could finish saying talking, his head drooped and he fainted.

“Ye Sijue!” Annie hugged his head in a panic, holding his head in her arms. “Ye Sijue, wake up, wake up!”

Ye Sijue fell softly to the floor, his head in her arms.

“Ye Sijue, don’t scare me! Don’t scare me!”

Annie whimpered as she shouted and held his face in her little hands. She was frightened by his high temperature.

She had always known him to be a tall and mighty person who could do anything. She had never seen him so vulnerable.

Looking at his pale, lifeless, elegant face, she felt pain in her heart.

She was suddenly scared.

If this person were to disappear from her world, what would she do?

Tian Yunxi was in a daze and she looked half dead.

She thought that she was already miserable enough.

But the truth was that there was more to come.

She was carried back to the castle and after a helper helped her change into a clean set of clothes, she was taken to the living room.

The police were waiting for her.

Chris had reported her for intentional assault.

Tian Yunxin’s muddle headed brain still hadn’t caught on to what was happening and she was taken away by the policemen.

This was her first time sitting in a police car. Soon she was sitting in a cell.

Tian Yunxin got up from the ground weakly. She hit the door and cried out, “Get me a doctor! I’m so cold…”

Tap tap tap. Footsteps approached.

A policeman came over and squatted down to look at her.

“Save your energy. Orders are not to get you a doctor so that you can keep suffering. But don’t worry, you won’t die. When you are about to die, a doctor will be called for you.”

Tian Yunxin looked at him in disbelief.

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