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Black Bellied Belle: Demon Lord, Bite the Bait Please (Web Novel) - Chapter 172.3: Only By Killing Him, Will You Be Truly Freed

Chapter 172.3: Only By Killing Him, Will You Be Truly Freed

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Qing Yu’s hands clenched up tightly into fists, her eyelashes quivering with unease. A look of intense struggle flashed across her face before her eyes flared wide open.

[That demonic devil….. is close!]

The terrifying feeling that made one tremble shook her strongly.

Qing Yu sat up slowly and pulled on her clothes, not waking anyone else as she walked out of the room without a sound.

Her beautiful countenance was composed but her eyes looked a little vacant, seemingly unconsciously bewitched by something as she walked slowly into a particular direction.


A surge of warmth rose within her palms which caused Qing Yu to regain her senses.

She raised her eyes and saw a golden hair youth bathed in shimmering golden light, his handsome face no longer tinged with puerile innocence like it was before but was more restrained and steady looking, giving people a sense of comforting ease.

Qing Yu blinked her eyes in surprise. “Little Burrow…..”

The youth’s good looking gold and silver eyes looked at her. “Mistress, I have completely recovered and from now onwards, I do not need to stay inside Mistress’ body to recuperate anymore but stand shoulder to shoulder with Mistress in battle.”

“That’s really great.” Qing Yu said after heaving a sigh.

Zang Mai looked at her with a carefully measuring gaze but did not see anything out of place and felt relieved. He then said in a rather stern tone: “Mistress, did you know that you fell under the effects of the Puppetry Technique just now? If I had not discovered it in time, you would still be under its spell now.”

Puppetry…..” Qing Yu’s eyes turned chilly. “Do you sense it too? The aura.”

Zang Mai’s eyes turned to stare off into the direction forward and then said softly: “It’s him.”

Sensing that the young lady’s aura was growing darker, Zang Mai then said: “I’m afraid that Mistress might forever be unable to cross the gulf in your heart and will not be able to strike him.”

“People change.” Qing Yu lowered her eyes and said emotionlessly.

“Mistress, if you really are not able to lay your hands on him, then let me do it.” Zang Mai held her hands and said in a soft voice. “This has haunted Mistress’ dreams and only by obliterating him completely will Mistress be able to walk out from it.”

“I can do it.” Qing Yu shook his hands off, and then went walking off on her own.

The youth’s gaze sharpened, the worry in his eyes hard to conceal.

On the other side, in the elegant and spacious courtyard that Lou Jun Yao was at, the place was already a complete mess.

Those puppets numbering several tens did not know exhaustion and they charged up incessantly time after time. Lou Jun Yao’s violet eyes with its highly destructive powers had expended all its energy and were unable to do anything to the lifeless puppets anymore.

Unable to attack forcefully, he could only passively defend.

“My Lord, let Yue Ji help you.” Hidden in the shadows, Yue Ji who had been watching for quite some time became anxious when she saw Lou Jun Yao taking passive ground and she wanted to come out from the shadows.

“Stay there hidden properly. Without my orders, you are not allowed to make any moves!” Lou Jun Yao admonished coldly.

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