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Black Bellied Belle: Demon Lord, Bite the Bait Please (Web Novel) - Chapter 172.4: Only By Killing Him, Will You Be Truly Freed

Chapter 172.4: Only By Killing Him, Will You Be Truly Freed

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The puppets almost seemed to have no weaknesses, feeling no pain or could they be wounded, their counters becoming more ferocious the harder they were attacked. Hence before discovering their weak point, Lou Jun Yao could only choose to defend. Having Yue Ji come out at this moment would not only be of no help to him, it would only make things worse.

Hearing that, Yue Ji could only remain hidden in place to wait for her orders, her eyes gazing around to search for the puppeteer controlling the puppets behind the scene.

Damn it. To think that a puppeteer would appear here in these low level lands and had even come strike their revered Lord. If not for the fact that their mission here was secret, the Dark Lands would have descended upon this place and trampled the entire place flat.

“Tsk. How dull. That’s all that you turn out to be. You can’t even take down my puppets and you dare to harbour designs on Qing Qing, you’re just courting your own death.”

The man’s evil eyes glazed over with a murderous glint and a strange light lit up inside. The puppets that had been attacking heedlessly in no particular order suddenly let out a roar before their bodies pounced nimbly like leopards to surround Lou Jun Yao completely in the middle, seemingly seeking to devour him.

“My Lord look out~”

Yue Ji’s eyes stared wide with horror and disregarding Lou Jun Yao’s orders, she charged mindlessly right into the circle of puppets.

She was the Lord’s shadow guard and it was her duty to protect the Lord. If she allowed herself to not do anything while seeing the Lord fall into danger, she would rather pay for it with her very own life!

If she were to die, she would rather die before her Lord does.

Seeing Yue Ji charged through the encircling ring of enemies to stand in front shielding him, Lou Jun Yao creased up his brows and cursed in a low voice. He was just about to summon up spirit powers to immobilize Yue Ji to hurl her out of the circle of enemies when he heard a melodious voice sound out far away. It was just a short four words, but that caused the malevolent puppets with their claws out for blood to instantly freeze in place.

“Blood Sacrifice, Banish Evil.”

The faint scent of blood wafted through the air, coming out from the bodies of the puppets. A red light suddenly burst forth and the puppets that had not suffered a single scratch throughout the battle with Lou Jun Yao suddenly wailed in agony, before their bodies blew up into pieces with a loud explosion, their mangled limbs scattered all over the place.

But there wasn’t a single drop of blood on the ground.

Qing Yu watched the scene before her emotionlessly and the golden haired youth beside her said in a low voice: Mistress, he got away.”

That familiar aura had disappeared before she appeared here in this place.

[Ha, since he’s already revealed himself, why does he not dare to meet her? Hasn’t he been trying to draw her to appear before him?]

Qing Yu turned and looked at the surprised Lou Jun Yao. “Are you alright?”

“You’re the one who isn’t fine.” Lou Jun Yao strode over to her with wide steps and grabbed her wrist with his hand, raising it up. He saw a deep grisly bleeding gash in the middle of her palm, still dripping with blood.

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