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Black Bellied Belle: Demon Lord, Bite the Bait Please (Web Novel) - Chapter 173.3: What is His Inner Demon

Chapter 173.3: What is His Inner Demon

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Shed blood than shed tears, words that would usually describe a proud and determined iron blooded male seemed to be made to measure in describing this young lady.

Never cried since she was young, not even when she was born or when her parents were killed, not a tear shed. It was probably because she knew that she was a child that nobody loved, and crying would only make people detest her more. So she had not allowed herself to cry, never allowing herself to portray such a weak and feeble front to others.

All the way from the beginning till now, this was the one time she cried.

For the person who had had impure intentions right from the beginning, who had gotten close to her with an ulterior motive.

The young lady’s exquisite countenance did not show the slightest ripple of emotion, her eyes blank and vacant. It was a good while before she finally regained her senses, her fingers unconsciously gripping the man’s arm. Her lips parted and her voice was soft: “His name is Qing Tian Lin, and he is my elder brother.”

Lou Jun Yao was taken aback. “Then why…..”

“Ha.” Qing Yu scoffed in disdain before she said slowly. “Isn’t it ironic? No matter how much I hate to admit it, he was the one who personally wrecked the slightest bit of longing towards kinship with his own hands, and pushed me right upon a road with no way out.”

It was probably because it was too cold on that snowy night, together with the fact that she had once again felt that unimaginably evil aura that she could never free herself from, which had caused her entire body to tremble uncontrollably. And seeing this man before her squatting here in the snow together with her at this moment, she suddenly felt like she wanted to get it off her chest.

“Tell me. Why are things like power and status so terrifying that it can change a person so completely?”

Lou Jun Yao saw the bewildered expression on her face. She looked like a terrified deer who had lost her way, so helpless and pitiful.

Something in his heart moved, and he let out a sigh before he said: “When it comes to power and status, people who value it would think of it as something that is worth them pursuing it with everything they have their entire life. To people who do not care for it, power and status holds no meaning in their hearts. So the most terrifying thing is not power and status itself, but one’s own inner demons in their hearts.”

“Inner demons…..” Qing Yu muttered, and then raised her eyes up to look at him. “Then what sort of inner demons does your heart hold?”

“I have no inner demons. Would you believe that?” Lou Jun Yao said as his lips curved up in a smile.

Qing Yu creased up her brows and looked thoughtful. “Could a person really have no weakness at all?”

Lou Jun Yao laughed softly and replied. “Who knows?”

The man’s mesmerizing violet eyes almost seemed magical and Qing Yu was entranced staring into them. She saw everything spin into a dizzying whirl for an instant and her eyes closed as she fell into his arms.

Her breathing was steady, looking like she was fast asleep.

Lou Jun Yao lifted a hand to brush a sliver of her hair over her face behind her ear, and then hooked his arm under the crook of her legs to lift her up off the ground. His voice was gentle and soft as he said: “You should get some restful sleep…..”

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