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Black Bellied Belle: Demon Lord, Bite the Bait Please (Web Novel) - Chapter 173.4: What is His Inner Demon

Chapter 173.4: What is His Inner Demon

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Like a ghostly shadow, the figure soared through the air like it was no man’s land, flying over great distances. Suddenly, the figure was forced to come to a stop by the powerful energy slash from a sword.

Under the night, the figure in a suit of red clothes in front was exceptionally eye catching, a sword in hand and a chilling aura swirling his body, an icy malevolent glow flashing off the green eyes embedded in the wolf’s head upon the sword’s hilt.

That person was Qing Ye Li.

He stared with a calm expression at the figure dressed in full black, almost melding perfectly into the darkness of night. His lips parted slightly. “It’s been a long time, Qing Tian Lin.”

The shadowy figure was taken aback a moment before he laughed out loud arrogantly. “As expected, the nose of an animal is sharp.”

Qing Ye Li snorted derisively. “The aura emanating out from your body is just too disgusting and I do not need to smell it to know it’s you.”

Those words probably angered him and there was no more mirth in the man’s voice as he said sinisterly. “I can grant you your wish if you seek death. Without Qing Qing protecting you, there is no question you will die here today.”

“I throw those very same words right back at you.” The moment his voice fell, the sword in his hand was already slashing right straight towards the man like lightning quicker than one can cover their ears. Although he dodged very quickly, two slivers of his hair were sliced off.

The man laughed evilly as he looked at the hair on the ground. “No wonder you dare to come challenge me so bravely. It seems like you’ve improved by quite a bit. But that….. is still far from enough.”

Upon finishing saying that, his mouth had already started the chant to summon the puppets when the expression on his face froze, and a mouthful of vile black coloured blood spurted out from his mouth.

His eyes stared incredulous with disbelief. [Qing Qing had actually used her blood to suppress his Puppetry Technique!]

With that….. not only would he not be able to use his Puppetry Technique, even his cultivation powers would deteriorate. If the blood seal suppressing his powers was not undone, his cultivation would grow weaker and weaker over time, till all his cultivation was completely obliterated.

He had always known that Qing Qing’s blood from her bloodline was extraordinarily powerful but never had he ever thought that it would be so strong that it could be the bane of his Puppetry Technique!

She was indeed a priceless treasure that hid immense secrets and he really had to speed things up.

Crossing swords with Qing Ye Li at this moment would only be disadvantageous to him and of no benefit at all.

“I’ll let you off this time and the next time we meet shall be the day you meet your death!”

The man’s ink stained eyes changed before he turned into a puff of smoke and disappeared into the air.

Qing Ye Li’s gaze turned grave. [Damn it! He managed to escape.]

He had a feeling all along that that person was not dead. And now, that had been proven true.

Now, he really could not allow himself to take a single step away from Qing Yu anymore, as this devil would surely be trying all ways and means to resume the plot he was forced to terminate in his previous life.

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