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Black Bellied Belle: Demon Lord, Bite the Bait Please (Web Novel) - Chapter 174.1: Foolish Girl, It Has Always Only Been Just You

Chapter 174.1: Foolish Girl, It Has Always Only Been Just You

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Ever since that night, Feng Tian Hen seemed to have evaporated into thin air, where no one saw a single sign of him anywhere.

Fortunately, people from the Faint Mist Sect and the Deviant Department are used to him appearing and disappearing out of the blue, and he would always be gone for long periods every single time. His stay in the Faint Mist Sect this time was also considered to be one of the longest periods he had stayed.

So, his unannounced disappearance did not draw much attention, and neither did it cause much of a stir.

But only Qing Yu knew that he had not just disappeared suddenly for no reason, but it was because he was unable to use the Puppetry Technique and his cultivation powers have been greatly reduced, giving him no other choice but to leave. Otherwise, if he were to encounter any kind of danger here, the only result would be death for him.

If not for that, it would not matter even if his identity had been exposed, and he would not care about that at all. But coming to know that Feng Tian Hen was actually Qing Tian Lin, the doubts in Qing Yu’s mind were finally unraveled.

That vicious devil had not only harboured designs on the powers of the Sacred Burial Arts and the Heavenly Insights of Medicine she possessed back then, but he had even sought to turn her into a puppet, to forever do his bidding as his slave.

He had done everything he could to secretly learn forbidden dark arts in his previous life, and had gone against all moral ethics to make moves against Qing Yu, all of that just to be able to stand upon the highest pinnacle over everyone, to fulfil his lust for power and status.

Although his scheme had not succeeded, but unexpectedly, Qing Tian Lin did not die as she had thought, but has been reborn into this world. It was not known how long he had lived in this world and there was no way of knowing what kind of other nefarious plots and schemes he had been secretly hatching waiting for her to appear.

Right from the beginning, Qing Tian Lin’s only objective has been to possess her. In order for him to reach the Heavens in a single leap, only the Heavens knew what kind of unconscionable and depraved deeds he had committed, and countless are the people who died at his hands trying to protect Qing Yu.

The ones lucky enough to survive was only Qing Ye Li who possessed the bloodline descended from wolves.

Qing Yu could not help but have a nagging feeling that with the defeat Qing Tian Lin suffered this time, he would definitely bring with him an even more nefarious scheme the next time he appears.

Time passed in a blink and it would soon be a new year. Although the Faint Mist Sect was strict with their discipline, they were not unamendable to reason. Their disciples had not returned home to have a reunion with their family for many years and so they gave their disciples a five day holiday over the upcoming new year. They were allowed to go home, but they must return back within the allotted time, considered as a form of allowance the sect made for their disciples.

But quite a number of them were all alone in this world, carefree and idle without parents or siblings, so those five days gave them a chance to go indulge themselves fully.

The winter’s first blizzard had lasted for a good half month and the accumulated snow was just beginning to melt, causing the temperature to fall even lower than when snow was falling. Though the disciples possessed spirit powers to resist the cold, most of them still could not help but wrapped themselves in thicker clothes when they went out.

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