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Black Bellied Belle: Demon Lord, Bite the Bait Please (Web Novel) - Chapter 240.4: A Familiar Scent

Chapter 240.4: A Familiar Scent

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[What….. is this place?]

She was still feeling puzzled when she heard the same sound again. Driven by curiosity, she began walking slowly towards that worn and dilapidated palatial looking building.

But before she had even gotten close to it, a shadow suddenly appeared before her eyes, standing with her back facing her. His voice was a little dark and sinister as he said: “Entry to the place is prohibited.”

Qing Yu was surprised for a moment before she came to say with a laugh. “My apologies. It was unintentional. I stumbled my way here by accident and I do not know my way back. May I ask if you can point me in the right direction?”

The shadow did not give her any response but seeing that Qing Yu did not seem to harbour any bad intentions, he then relaxed his guard.

Although Qing Yu thought that this was rather strange, she was however not too familiar with this place. So she did not give it much further thought and just turned herself around, deciding to leave. But without knowing how, her hand was suddenly pricked by a sharp object beside her and blood immediately began to drip down.

At that same moment, a golden red star suddenly flashed brightly across the dusky dim sky, disappearing in the very next instant. It happened so quickly that one would think that they had just imagined it.

Although the flash of light had passed really quickly, a couple of people still managed to catch that strange phenomenon.

One of those people was the leader of the Bright Moon Temple’s Grand Priests, Cang Jian, and the other one…..

Qing Yu’s brows were creased up as she looked at the wound on the back of her hand. A gust of wind suddenly blew the doors of the palace in front wide open, and a woman in an orange dress came walking out slowly from within.

Long jet black hair draped the back of her shoulders, over a very skinny frame, making her look like a floating wraith as she glided her way over right before Qing Yu.

Qing Yu blinked her eyes in surprise as she stared at the person in front of her.

The two large limpid black eyes upon the sharp pointed oval face made her look even more pitifully frail, seemingly younger than Qing Yu in age.

But when she opened her mouth, it was a woman’s voice that sounded highly familiar, sounding a little ill at ease.

“Can I….. take a look at your wound?”

Qing Yu was taken aback a moment, unable to react to her words. But in the very next second, she found that her hand was held within the woman’s grasp.

There was no temperature from the woman’s touch, the icy chill almost seeping right into her bones. But that was not the thing that surprised her the most.

The woman held her hand and slowly leaned in closer, before she placed her lips over where she had been hurt, murmuring softly: “This is….. the Princess’ scent.”

The place where her lips touched then began to give out a faint gentle glow, and the wound healed in an instant to its originally unblemished state, leaving not a single trace of a scar or faintest mark.

Qing Yu’s eyes widened in surprise and she instinctively pulled her hand back to inspect it carefully. She discovered that her hand had healed completely without the slightest blemish and she was just about to open her mouth to offer her thanks when she saw that the woman had broken into a warm smile.

That pair of large black eyes were misty as she said: “You’ve finally….. come back.”

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