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Black Bellied Belle: Demon Lord, Bite the Bait Please (Web Novel) - Chapter 241.1: Secret Massacre

Chapter 241.1: Secret Massacre

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[You’ve finally….. come back.]

Hearing those rather strange words, Qing Yu looked at her in puzzlement before she started to say softly: “Have you….. mistaken me for someone else?”

The woman shook her head lightly. “The Princess’ scent….. is one that I will never ever forget no matter how many years have passed.”

After she finished saying that, she lifted her eyes up once again. A highly expectant and hopeful look filled her eyes bit by bit. “I just knew that the Princess would definitely return. No matter how long a time has passed, you are still the Lord and Master of this place and no one can ever replace you…..”

The woman’s voice wavered and sounded almost indiscernible for a moment. The black shadow that had stopped Qing Yu earlier immediately moved in a quick flash to catch the woman, before he asked with great concern: “Grand Priestess, are you alright?”

“I’m fine.” The woman waved off the black shadow and said dismissively.

Qing Yu was stunned for a moment when she heard their conversation. [Grand Priestess?]

[This woman that was acting so strangely and lived in such a broken and dilapidated palace….. is actually a Grand Priestess?]

Based on her knowledge, a Grand Priestess in the Bright Moon Temple was a very high position, far more senior than all their disciples, and was someone who held the greatest authourity, second to only the Temple Lord and its Elders.

She had never seen a Grand Priestess that looked as decrepit as this woman before her. Had she committed some grave mistake and got herself exiled to a place like this?

“Princess, come with me. The aura from the blood you spilled just now would have alerted those guys at the Divine Temple. With noses as sharp as hounds, they should be making their way here very soon. You should go hide away for awhile.”

Without even waiting for Qing Yu to open her mouth to clear her doubts, the woman had already turned around and was going back into the palace. Her footsteps seemed a little floaty and light, as the black shadow followed worriedly just beside her.

Seeing that, Qing Yu quickly followed them inside. The moment she set foot into the palace, the old and tattered main doors gave a loud creak and slammed themselves shut. Qing Yu could not help but raise her eyebrows. [What is going to happen?]

And the orange clothed figure with long hair splayed over her back immediately fell to the ground the moment she stepped into the palace, her strength giving out.

The black shadow quickly helped her over to a lounge chair at the side, and called out in a deep voice: “Grand Priestess, just drink some of your subordinate’s blood! If you continue on like this, your body will not be able to last much longer, and your soul will disperse and disappear into the wind! Then the long years you spent waiting here would have been in vain!”

After saying that, the black shadow summoned up his spirit energy and transformed it into a dagger. He was just about to draw it across his forearm but before he could even make his move, the dagger was suddenly sent flying through the air with a flick of the woman’s sleeve.

“I do not need you to make my decisions for me. Even if I were to die, I will never ever use such unorthodox and evil to extend my life, but will choose to struggle right at death’s door!” The woman’s breaths sounded rather weak, her face white as a sheet. But even then, needing to pause between each word, her voice was resolute as she uttered those words.

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