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Black Bellied Belle: Demon Lord, Bite the Bait Please (Web Novel) - Chapter 241.3: Secret Massacre

Chapter 241.3: Secret Massacre

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After saying that, she then told the black shadow: “Bring the Princess to hide in the secret tunnel first. Without my orders, do not come out.”

“Grand Priestess! With your current power, you will not be able to stand against Cang Jian…..” The black shadow had not even finished his sentence when the rest of his words were drowned out by the woman’s eyes that had turned to become red as blood in an instant.

Her lips parted to spit out just one curt word. “Go.”

The black shadow did not say anything to argue further but just lowered his head to say: “Yes.”

He then turned around to bow respectfully before Qing Yu. “Princess, please come with your subordinate.”

At almost the same instant they just stepped into the secret tunnel, the palace’s already shaky and vulnerable main doors were suddenly viciously thrown wide open by a violent force from outside.

Outside the door, the tall figure of a man with extraordinarily handsome looks stood in the lead, wearing deep blue priest robes, looking exceptionally eye catching against the others beside him who were dressed in black or white robes, as he stood with a faint smile on the corner of his lips.

In contrast to the large horde of aggressive looking men outside the door, the lone thin and frail looking woman with a refined looking countenance standing within looked so weak and helpless.

But one would be unable to find the slightest sliver of panic or helplessness on the woman, the indifferent expression on her face unchanged from beginning to end. In that thin skinny figure, it felt as if the woman’s body hid boundless power, making it impossible to underestimate her.

When Cang Jian saw the woman inside the palace, his expression was startled for a moment, like he had seen someone he had not met for a very long time, or that he was looking at a person who should not exist in this world, but had suddenly appeared before his eyes, which shocked or surprised him.

The person before his eyes was someone he was familiar with.

Many years ago, within the icy cold Divine Temple, this person was the only bit of colour in this place.

He slowly came to move his lips, opening his mouth to speak in disbelief: “Chi Yue…..”

The woman’s slightly lowered eyelids moved ever so slightly, before she slowly raised her head to look up. The deep black darkness in those eyes stirred the man’s heart and her voice had a slight raspiness as she said: “Grand Priest Cang Jian, I trust you’ve been well.”

Those words that could not have been any more ordinary however caused Cang Jian’s eyes to narrow. It was after a good while before he opened his mouth to say very slowly: “Chi Yue, you’ve always addressed me as Senior. Why….. are you being so distant?”


The woman slowly repeated the word and then paused before she laughed. “Could Grand Priest Cang Jian be mistaken somewhere? My fellow Senior, the man called Yan Liu, a kindhearted person who abhorred evil with a vengeance? Didn’t he die in that brutal and ruthless massacre that happened many years back?”

Cang Jian’s heart suddenly wrenched up painfully.

[Yan Liu…..]

[It was a name that he had not heard for so many years.]

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