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Black Bellied Belle: Demon Lord, Bite the Bait Please (Web Novel) - Chapter 241.4: Secret Massacre

Chapter 241.4: Secret Massacre

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[It sounded so foreign, but also so familiar to him at the same time.]

“Chi Yue…..”

“Don’t call out my name. You’re not worthy.”

Seeing her so resolutely cold, Cang Jian’s hands could not help but clench up tightly under his sleeves. Seemingly after an intense struggle, he finally came to blow out one long breath before calling out sharply in a deep voice. “Search!”

“What do you think you’re doing?” Chi Yue’s eyes darkened, her complexion turning an ugly shade. “It’s not enough that you’ve become someone’s lackey for so many years, are you going to shatter this last sliver of tranquillity of mine as well?”

Cang Jian lowered his gaze, like he did not want to see the hatred and disappointment in the woman’s eyes. “Chi Yue, you have been very intelligent since you were very young, and have been good at reading the situation and looking into people’s hearts. You knew….. how to elicit people’s sympathy and pick on their soft spots to cover up things that you wish to hide and do not want people to find out.”

“But have you forgotten? In this world, you are indeed the person who understands me the most, but I….. am also the one that knows you best.”

Cang Jian walked towards the woman, approaching a step at a time. Under the flickering candlelight, the tall towering figure looked as though it was going to swallow up the thin figure completely.

“But so many years have passed and I have changed, while you….. have not changed in the slightest”

Cang Jian slowly finished his words, before his gaze suddenly stared with a cold glint towards a particular spot. That spot was the secret tunnel that Chi Yue had asked the black shadow to bring Qing Yu to hide in.

“Chi Yue, I wonder if you saw that phenomenon in the sky earlier? Both you and I are the most outstanding ones in the line of priests and only our eyes would be able to capture that kind of a strange phenomenon.”

Cang Jing laughed softly as he looked at the woman’s pretty and exquisite countenance, when the face that was always calm and confident actually came to show a flash of panic for a brief instant.

“That omen was tinged with our god’s aura, so that means that the destined one has appeared, isn’t it?” Cang Jing walked past the woman’s pale shock countenance, making his way towards the location of the hidden secret tunnel, the expression on his face turning malevolent.

“Why are you putting up such a futile struggle? The Bright Moon Temple would never tolerate such heretics, who will find that there is no escape but only death in the end!”

With a cold shout from Cang Jian, the deep blue priest robes moved to draw a graceful arc under the night sky, and the wide voluminous sleeves billowed up with a powerful gust of wind, carrying such terrifying force that it seemed like it would obliterate the entire palace into nothing if the wind struck it.

“Noo~” Chi Yue’s eyes were wide as she stared, a broken cry tearing out from her throat, filled with so much sadness and hopelessness.


[That’s her Princess…..]

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