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Black Bellied Belle: Demon Lord, Bite the Bait Please (Web Novel) - Chapter 242.1: Had He Seen A Ghost?

Chapter 242.1: Had He Seen A Ghost?

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However, the thing that everyone expected to see did not happen.

After the powerfully turbulent hurricane passed, what came to be revealed before everyone’s eyes was a tattered wall, it’s original look wrecked beyond recognition. Not to mention people, even the secret tunnel hidden behind it was not revealed.

Cang Jian stared incredulously in disbelief. [How is that possible?]

[There’s nothing?]

[He had clearly detected an unusual aura hidden behind that spot! How did it suddenly disappear! ?]

Similarly caught in a shocked daze, was Chi Yue.

But besides a sharp shrinking of the irises within her eyes, she did not show much of a change in emotion on her face. Her fingernails that were digging into her palms slightly relaxed a little, and she came to discover that her tightly clenched fists were covered in cold sweat from fear.

[Is everything fine now?]

[The Princess isn’t in there. Does that mean she is safe now?]

By the time Cang Jian turned to look, not a single ripple of emotion could be seen on Chi Yue’s face anymore, turned into a cold indifferent mask like she did not know anything. The expression on her face had clearly been panicked earlier and had even been tinged with a sliver of fearful trepidation.

So Cang Jian was not going to let himself be fooled by her so easily. The corners of his lips split into an arc of indiscernible meaning. “Chi Yue, did you do something? My senses have never been wrong and I detected more than one spirit aura within this palace. Where….. is the person who carries the bloodline of the god?”

“What nonsense are you spouting?” Chi Yue scoffed coldly with a laugh. “That venomous woman laid a curse on me and my cultivation was completely destroyed, turning me into someone who is neither human nor ghost who can do nothing but wait here slowly for my life to wither away till my last dying breath leaves this body. What do you suppose that I am capable of doing in my current state?”

As expected, the moment that person was mentioned, the expression on Cang Jian’s face immediately changed. His handsome face flashed with displeasure for a moment. “I will not allow you to besmirch the Temple Lord’s name!”

“Ha! Temple Lord?” Chi Yue laughed loudly. “That animal who is devoid of humanity is fit to be the Temple Lord? ! Besides that pretty face she maintains through evil techniques, what does she possess that is worth having you do her bidding, even at the expense of you violating the vows you made when you chose to take up the position of a priest!”

“I’ve said that I will not allow you to slander the Temple Lord!” Cang Jian’s eyes flashed with a dark glint, and his body moved speedily to come right before Chi Yue in an instant, before grabbing Chi Yue viciously by the neck.

Chi Yue’s lips curled up further in a scornful smile. Although she was already finding it hard to breathe and was pacing right before death’s door, there was absolutely no fear showing on her face. “Kill me if you can.”

Cang Jian’s voice was malevolent as he replied: “You think I do not dare to?”

But at the very moment murderous intent rose up in his heart, a powerful oppression suddenly surged towards him, giving him no choice but to release his grip and take several steps back in retreat.

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