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Black Bellied Belle: Demon Lord, Bite the Bait Please (Web Novel) - Chapter 243.4: Rob… Rob… Robbery?

Chapter 243.4: Rob… Rob… Robbery?

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[What is happening here?]

[When did Fei Er become….. so kind and passive? ?]

[No, not to say that she isn’t kind hearted, but his impression of Fei Er was one who was never fearful of such things, and would never allow herself to be bullied like this. But today…..]

Just as Mo Jing Yu was feeling all confused and befuddled, he saw that she had slowly come to climb down from the horse carriage, and had extended a hand before him with an eyebrow raised. “Aren’t you coming?”

Although Mo Jing Yu did not understand it fully, but based on his trust in her, he held her hand as he stepped off the horse carriage.

“Ha! At least you know what’s good for you.” The man holding the large sabre in his hand said with ridicule, like he despised the cowardly ways of the two people, in order to preserve their own lives.

Mo Jing Yu’s footsteps halted for a moment, almost unable to hold himself back from making his move, but then gave up on it when he saw Qing Lan Fei stop him.

A few of the robbers were curious about the kind of things they had in the horse carriage and they went on ahead to part the carriage’s curtains first. They had just managed to clamber their way inside when frightful howls and wails were immediately heard.

Mo Jing Yu had been dragged a distance away from there and when he heard that clamour, he could not help but cast a surprise glance towards the woman beside him.

[What is happening?]

When the man holding the large sabre saw what was happening, he went walking swiftly over to the horse carriage and shouted at the men inside: “What are all of you screaming your head off for?”

It was only when he came close that he was able to see that the faces of the men were filled with many unidentifiable bugs crawling all over, scurrying around in all directions.

When the man came stomping over, the bugs all flew away in an instant. But for the men who had the bugs all over their faces just now, red swollen lumps could be seen all over. It was probably because it was really itchy, that made one of them lift his hand up to scratch his face. In the end, from within the tiny red swollen lumps, he dug out what looked like tiny insect larvae, which was an utterly disgusting sight.

“What did the two of you do?”

The two people had not walked that far a distance when they were called to a halt.

Qing Lan Fei’s face was innocent as she responded: “What?”

“You still going to feign ignorance? Don’t you see what their faces have turned into here! ? Did you set poison inside the carriage to draw those nefarious insects in to attack us! ?” The bearded man from before asked with a ferociously aggressive face, his eyes wide as cymbals like he was going to eat the two of them up.

“If I had set poison in there, wouldn’t I have just poisoned them to death straightaway? Why would I want to disfigure just their faces? Could you possibly think that I am jealous of all your good looks?” Qing Lan Fei went on to say slowly at an unhurried pace, before sniffing scornfully in disdain, her face highly indignant.

Mo Jing Yu stifled a laugh. He had really not seen this mischievous and adorable look on his Fei Er for such a long time! She was just so black bellied when she pranks people and the words she said to the bunch of robbers would surely cause them to die from infuriation!

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