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Black Bellied Belle: Demon Lord, Bite the Bait Please (Web Novel) - Chapter 244.1: Stop the Killing by Killing

Chapter 244.1: Stop the Killing by Killing

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As expected, the moment the bunch of robbers heard those words filled with hidden ridicule, their faces immediately turned an ashen green.

She had clearly employed some unknown method to attract all those bugs and she was even pushing the blame back onto themselves.

“You nefarious bitch! I will kill you!”

The bearded man who had formed a favourable impression towards the couple before because of their flawless good looks immediately became enraged, and an iron mace filled with vicious hooked spikes appeared in his hand. He charged forward straightaway, right at the woman who maintained an absolutely harmless smile upon her face with a brutal strike.

But before he could even get close, his entire body was suddenly sent flying back, like he had been struck by a powerfully heavy punch, blood spewing out from his mouth as he soared through the air.


Qing Lan Fei turned to look speechlessly at a certain man, the displeasure in her eyes undisguisable.

Mo Jing Yu looked at her like what he did was only natural. “I will not allow you to get hurt.”

“It’s just a few insignificant lowlifes, and I have not been weakened to such a pathetic state.” Qing Lan Fei could not help but roll her eyes at him.

She was merely suffering from a deficient soul, and had not lost her powers completely. Does he need to get himself so worried?

“You’ve said it yourself that they are just a bunch of insignificant lowlifes. If you need to raise your hand against such worthless characters, wouldn’t that make your man look like an inconsequential piece of decoration?”

It must be said that Mo Jing Yu had a rather slick tongue, able to show consideration for his wife’s feelings and innocuously display affection for her at the same time. Seeing Qing Lan Fei look at him with a pout, and her beautiful face then breaking into a bashful smile, he knew that he had succeeded in achieving his goal.

But his words had however infuriated the bunch of ruthless robbers.

To be able to roam within this desolate desert, just having guts alone would not be enough, but calls for one to possess a certain amount of powers. Otherwise, before their prey can even appear, they would have been buried under the swirling sands.

So the bunch of robbers were not just a bunch of average nobodies. Having suffered such humiliation and burning from their scathing taunts, a murderous aura slowly exuded from their bodies, and the spirit power aura that was revealed seemed to feel rather familiar.

“They are from the Hunters’ Guild?” An eyebrow on Mo Jing Yu’s face raised up, looking a little surprised.

Several hundred years ago, there were only four major powers in Cloud Heaven. The Hunters Guild only came to rise in power later.

It was originally thought that they were just a tiny inconsequential power that would not last, but for some unknown reason, they grew in might very quickly later, forcibly squeezing themselves up into becoming the fifth major power in Cloud Heaven.

Their members were called Hunters by people outside who specialized in taking on prickly and difficult missions, a myriad mix in a bubbling pot, where all sorts of people could be found. Although their members were numerous, it was also highly chaotic inside.

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