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Black Bellied Belle: Demon Lord, Bite the Bait Please (Web Novel) - Chapter 244.3: Stop the Killing by Killing

Chapter 244.3: Stop the Killing by Killing

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Qing Lan Fei shook her head as she smiled. “I am not trying to dissuade you, but just want to say that I can stay by your side.”

But her offer was rejected by Mo Jing Yu who thoughtfully said her body was still a little weak and it was not suitable for her to be fighting and killing yet.

But how could she not know that a certain man had actually just come awake from a long deep slumber and must be feeling rather stiff all over. He was just making up an excuse, seeking to stretch his muscles and tendons a bit with this bunch of robbers who delivered themselves right up to their door.

But Qing Lan Fei was not going to expose him, silently retreating away to the side. Mo Jing Yu then threw up a barrier around her, so that those scum would not be able to even get close to her.

The group of more than ten men immediately moved to surround him, not thinking for a moment how shameless ganging up on a lone person really was. And from they could see, this incredibly handsome looking man looked just like someone who would hide behind a woman’s skirt, and must be a frail weakling through and through, who would be smashed to death with just one single punch from each of them when they became serious.

Mo Jing Yu’s eyes were filled with cold contempt and quiet murder. When that man had spouted those offensive words just now, he had already decided to slaughter every single one of them. What they were doing now turned out to be what he would have wanted, so that he did not have to take them down one by one.

It is always said that man proposes but Heaven disposes. Mo Jing Yu did not even have the time to make a move yet then the whole group of people suddenly froze still in their spots, barely just a meter’s distance away from him.

Time seemed to stop for a few seconds. Over that vast and barren desert sands, frightfully tragic screams then tore through the silent air. One by one, the men were then violently torn apart by a powerful force while alive, splatterings of blood and flesh flying through the air as the ground became littered with broken limbs and body parts. Blood flowed like a river, a gory sight that was really too grisly to look at.

Mo Jing Yu’s face immediately turned dark.

Right at that moment, a lazy sounding voice rang out, melodious and innocent. “Aiyaiyai, look at these people. Wonder how many lifetimes’ blessings did they take to accumulate to be able to die in such a glorious manner. When they arrive down there, they will surely be regarded with great honour.”

“Xiu….. Yi….. Ran…..!” Those words spat out through Mo Jing Yu’s tightly gritted teeth.

“Sigh. We have not met for so many years and our Jing Yu is still as unadorable as before. How many times have I told you? Call me Yi Ran if we’re brothers, but you’re always being so distant, calling me by my full name.”

Accompanying that grumbling male voice that rang out, a tall slim figure in royal blue then slowly came to appear before their eyes.

The weather in early spring was still carrying a tinge of a chill in the air, but the man still carried a silver folding fan in his hand, lazily fanning himself in a languid and suave manner.

The man’s looks were not inferior in the slightest when compared to Mo Jing Yu’s, but with a tinge of languid laziness and a devil may care look in his eyes. His long backswept eyes were curved up into smiling arcs, his demeanor unfathomable, looking very much like a treacherous smiling tiger.

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