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Black Bellied Belle: Demon Lord, Bite the Bait Please (Web Novel) - Chapter 244.4: Stop the Killing by Killing

Chapter 244.4: Stop the Killing by Killing

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“Hey, isn’t this our Little Lan Fei? To think that you’re still together with Jing Yu.” Xiu Yi Ran said as his gaze turned to look at Qing Lan Fei standing at the side, his eyes immediately lighting up, like he had just seen something rare and precious.

The moment those words were heard, Qing Lan Fei creased up her brows, before saying in a displeased tone. “May I trouble you to do away with the word little.”

“Huh? What could be the problem? I am like three hundred years older than you, is there anything wrong with me calling you little?” Xiu Yi Ran said as he fanned himself lazily, the expression on his face seemingly surprised.

Immediately after that, it looked as if he suddenly recalled something, and with a look of realization on his face he said: “I have completely forgotten. Jing Yu would more or less be at least two hundred years older than you too! It seems like you’ve grown so used to being by his side that you do not feel that I am actually much older.”

Mo Jing Yu clenched his jaws. [Is this fella saying that he is getting old in a roundabout way?]

“What have you come here for?”

Xiu Yi Ran laughed softly and replied: “I am naturally here to welcome you back. You have really chosen quite a good time to awaken, on the very year that the Mind Free Peak is prophesied to manifest. I had thought that you would wait for a few more hundred years.”

Mo Jing Yu’s expression grew dark, like a sudden thought just came across his mind. He then swept his gaze over the ground that was littered with severed limbs and other body parts before he said: “Why did you need to kill these people from the Hunters’ Guild?”

“Don’t tell me you had no intention of killing them just now?” Xiu Yi Ran arched up an eyebrow to say, an unreadable smile on his lips.

“Still, you did not need to do it in such a brutal manner.”

Mo Jing Yu could never get used to the man’s merciless and ruthless killing methods, which sometimes made him look like a terrifying maniac, always professing to be seeking perfection, but just made it a nauseating sight for others to see.


Hearing that, Xiu Yi Ran did not show any displeasure on his face, but instead looked smilingly at Mo Jing Yu to say: “Jing Yu, have you slept for far too long a time? Have you forgotten that not only are you the Chieftain of the Barbarians, you also hold the revered position as one of the Three Kings of Hell?”

“Since these people dare to come provoke you like this, you should then teach them a good vicious lesson to make them remember it. But I know you too well, though you put on a menacing face you hide a kind heart, unable to really strike people down completely, so….. I had to do it for you.” Xiu Yi Ran’s eyes were two arcing crescents, his mouth curved up in a harmless and disarming smile.

He was such a handsome and good looking man, seemingly highly approachable and easy going. Who could have known that he would turn out to be such a mighty entity outside of Cloud Heaven’s five major powers, as one of the Three Kings of Hell from the powerful Hell Kings Palace.

People called him the ferocious demon Asura, his hands tainted by the blood of countless lives taken, one who killed without blinking. Everywhere he went, dead bodies lay, and frightful wails rang incessantly.

A man born to bring massacre, and lived for the slaughter.

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