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Black Bellied Belle: Demon Lord, Bite the Bait Please (Web Novel) - Chapter 245.1: Teasing Ridicule

Chapter 245.1: Teasing Ridicule

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Mo Jing Yu had been fortunate enough countless times to remain the leader of the Hell Kings Palace. Otherwise if he were to be ruled by this fella who knew nothing but slaughter, the entire Cloud Heaven might have descended into unimaginable chaos.

Seeing that the man was remaining silent and not going to say a word Xiu Yi Ran curved up his lips into a smile and said: “Since you’ve come back, you should go to the Hell Kings Palace to have a look. Big Brother had instructed that I must definitely bring you back, as he can only set his heart at ease after he sees you with his own eyes.”

At the mention of Big Brother, the expression on Mo Jing Yu’s face was a little taken aback. “How is Big Brother doing?”

“You’ll know when you go back and see for yourself.”

Xiu Yi Ran did not reveal much but just slapped his folding fan on his palm suddenly. A group of people came sailing through the air from a distance away, carrying a wide and luxurious palanquin, before stopping right overhead in midair.

Throughout the entire Cloud Heaven, probably only the Hell Kings Palace could pull off such a lavish and prolific display, the palanquins carried by twelve extremely highly skilled pugilists whenever they set out on a journey, moving at speeds that was much faster than most spirit beasts, so resplendent that it made people turn green with envy.

Mo Jing Yu’s gaze darkened slightly, as he turned to meet Qing Lan Fei’s eyes without a word. It seemed like he would have to take it up.


On the other side of Cloud Heaven, it was another moonless and windy night.

Because Qing Yu lost her way earlier that day, it was a long time before she was able to find her way back following the directions Chi Yue gave. Yue Fen had thought that the young lady was really so bold and had run away, which caused the servant maids who were living near to Qing Yu to be punished for it.

When Qing Yu came back, she had yet to even reach close to the place she lived at when she saw a row of people kneeling outside, the bodies stiffly upright, their heads hung low.

Qing Yu blinked her eyes, the expression on her face a little confused. [What is happening here?]

“You’re not even able to keep watch over one single young lady? Since you’re all so useless, then all of you should just die!”

As the highly incensed voice of the man rang out, several figures were struck and sent flying, blood spurting incessantly out in agony. When they saw the young lady standing a short distance away from them, their eyes flared wide open, like they had just seen a ghost.

[Didn’t this girl….. run away? Why has she suddenly appeared again! ?]

[Had they all suffered that beating for nothing? !]

Qing Yu pretended not to see all the strange looks they were all giving her, as she walked leisurely inside. Her tone was lazily idle as she asked: “What are all of you doing here? I had just gone out for a stroll and Lord Yue Fen has gathered so many people here. Is it because the servant maid warming your bed last night did not do her utmost to fulfil your desires and you’re venting it out here at my place?”

Yue Fen was in a state of shock at that moment when he saw her. Besides being shocked, he seemed to feel an emotion that he himself did not really understand at the same time.

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