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Black Bellied Belle: Demon Lord, Bite the Bait Please (Web Novel) - Chapter 245.2: Teasing Ridicule

Chapter 245.2: Teasing Ridicule

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Upon hearing what the young lady said, it immediately caused his mood that had just improved slightly to turn into a tumultuous storm, seemingly about to erupt.

It was deadly silent.

The Divine Temple might have been spotless and untainted a thousand years ago, a pure and holy place that was highly revered.

But over the years after their godly lord died, those fellas who were always up to no good in there had grown to become more arrogant, turning the place into becoming affiliated with all kinds of dark and dirty deeds.

But Yue Fen was however a rare exception.

He was highly valued by Qing Luo Yan because he had a pure and simple mind, never getting himself involved with the evil misdeeds of all those fellas. Cardinal vices like wine, women, avarice and pride, were banal desires to him and did not interest him. He only knew loyalty to the Divine Temple and never asked for anything else.

Although he was always fully clad in dark robes and carried around a stern and forbidding expression on his face, he was actually quite handsome looking, which won the favour of quite a good number of women. A pity he was just an insensitive piece of wood when it came to such things, keeping women away at arm’s length.

[And now, what did this young lady here just say to him?]

[The servant maid who warmed his bed last night?]

[Has Lord Yue Fen broken his practice of abstinence? ! !]

No one even came to suspect the veracity of Qing Yu’s words as that was not something anyone would dare to joke about, so they quickly assumed that to be the truth.

But Qing Yu had clearly made a joke out of it, and not only had she done just that, the joke succeeded very well, immediately believed as fact readily.

It was so successful that it drove a certain man’s rage to shoot up to its peak.

“When….. did I ever….. need a servant maid….. to warm my….. Bed?”

Those words sounded as if they were squeezed out through the gaps between tightly gritted teeth. Yue Fen’s hands were tightly clenched up into fists, his knuckles crackling crisply, looking like he really wanted nothing more than to strangle the damned woman right in front of him to death.

“You must know that one will need to pay the price for carelessly spouting such pure and utter garbage.”

“It was just a joke you know? It is such a waste of Lord Yue Fen’s good looking face seeing you look so stern all the time.” Qing Yu said with a shrug of her shoulders, looking rather helpless. She then gave a big lazy yawn, seeming like she was feeling really sleepy, as she took a step forward to go past the guy so that she can get some beauty sleep.

But she had just barely taken two steps when Yue Fen grabbed her by the arm, and gave it a vicious twist. “Where did you go? Didn’t I tell you that the Divine Temple has its rules and there are many places where entry is prohibited! ?”

Qing Yu’s brows knitted up, the amount of force he grabbed her with causing her to feel a bit of pain. She skillfully broke free from his grasp, and then discreetly backed away from him a little, before she said in an emotionless tone: “I merely accidentally got myself lost for a while, and I could not even find a single person to ask in this godforsaken place of yours after walking blindly around for so long. It really wasn’t easy for me to finally find my way back here you know?”

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