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Black Bellied Belle: Demon Lord, Bite the Bait Please (Web Novel) - Chapter 246.4: Endearing Pet Name

Chapter 246.4: Endearing Pet Name

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“Five days ago” Lou Jun Yao replied.

“Why are you only telling it to me now?” Qing Yu said as she glared at him with a rather displeased look. [This fella has been coming here everyday and he only came to tell her after such a long time.]

Lou Jun Yao smiled and then said to her. “I had originally not wanted to tell you about it at all, but as there was a change in plans, I decided to tell you earlier.”

“What kind of a plan was it?”

“I had originally intended to send Little Bei to where his father is, but that man suddenly brought forward his departure from the Barbarian Tribe. So I am thinking that Little Bei can take it as a form of rigorous training, by letting him go meet the man on his own.” Lou Jun Yao said very simply.

Qing Yu listened to the man quietly till he finished, and she then looked at the man with a suspicious gaze. “What kind of a trick do you have up your sleeve?”


“I feel that you do not seem to have a good impression of my father, to the extent that it might be even be considered to be bordering on dislike. But here you are….. being so nice as to send Little Bei to go be reunited with him.” Qing Yu slowly relayed her doubts to him.

Hearing that, Lou Jun Yao arched up an eyebrow, seemingly never expecting that his dislike towards another person had been so readily obvious.

“It is true that I do not like him, as he was unable to protect Aunt Lan good and proper, and he even caused you and Little Bei to end up being left in the lower realms, to suffer for so many years. Just by that alone, it is reason enough to make me despise him.” When he spoke about that, Lou Jun Yao’s tone of voice was full of contempt.

But he also looked like he was feeling highly helpless as he lowered his head to look at Qing Yu to say: “But who asked me to be so much in love with his daughter? So even if he is rather lacking as a father, I have no choice but to show him a little friendliness, to avoid having him come try to drive a wedge between us if he doesn’t like me.”

Hearing him say those words, Qing Yu really did not know what to say in response to that, feeling like she wanted to laugh at him, but also finding the guy just too….. damningly adorable at the same time.

Before Lou Jun Yao was even able to react, Qing Yu suddenly pulled his neck down, and she planted one big fat kiss right upon the man’s exquisitely refined and handsome looking face before she then winked at him craftily. “You do not have to worry. My father will definitely like you.”

But that very man Lou Jun Yao was speaking of, was at that very moment in the place where Cloud Heaven’s mightiest power besides the mysterious Mind Free Peak was, the Hell Kings Palace.

Mo Jing Yu had not come back to this place for the past several hundred years but everything was still exactly the same as before, where nothing looked like it had changed. Upon seeing him appear in that place, the people there did not show any surprised expression, making it look as if he had never left before.

People in the Hell Kings Palace were mostly coldhearted and distant, fellas without any feelings or desire, the iciest place throughout the entire Cloud Heaven.

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