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Black Bellied Belle: Demon Lord, Bite the Bait Please (Web Novel) - Chapter 247.2: I Believe That You Will Definitely Protect Me

Chapter 247.2: I Believe That You Will Definitely Protect Me

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It was strange to say in the least. Ever since he accidentally fell into icy waters when he was very young, his body became unable to withstand even the slightest bit of the severe cold. If the bitter chill came to seep into his body, then that would really be torturous for him.

Even just by showing them the way in right at that moment, he needed to summon up his spirit powers to resist the cold.

Mo Jing Yu knitted up his brows and he was just about to refuse again when a soft hand came to rest over the back of his. The woman’s soft voice then slowly rang out: “Jing Yu, go on ahead. In the Hell Kings Palace, the Brocade Pavilion might very well be the safest place.”

Of course she was aware of the man’s worries.

It was because of her that Mo Jing Yu had left the Hell Kings Palace, and her current situation in that place was indeed rather dangerous.

These people were not making any moves against her at that moment, but if they came to know her identity, it was thought that she would not be able to escape the Hell Kings Palace’s mortal persecution.

Within the woman’s eyes that were gazing straight at him, he felt that they seemed to be conveying what she was trying to express wordlessly over to him.

Finally, Mo Jing Yu’s hand that was holding her hand then released its grip, the expression on his face becoming grave as he turned to look at the frivolous and flippant Xiu Yi Ran. “If Fei Er loses even one single hair on her head, then don’t call me your brother anymore.”

Immediately upon saying that, he turned to leave without even looking back once.

Xiu Yi Ran clenched his jaws a little hatefully. “That fella still likes to threaten people just like before.”

[And he just cannot help himself but still fall for it!]

Upon saying that, he glanced at Qing Lan Fei who was staring after the man’s departing back and said: “Stop staring already. He will be fine. You should be worrying about yourself instead! If not for me protecting you here, do you believe that once they come to know that you are the woman who caused their King to helplessly fall heads over heels for and went on to abandon the Hell Kings Palace, they would destroy you so completely that there wouldn’t be a single fragment of you left behind?”

The Bright Moon Temple was originally dead set against the Hell Kings Palace like fire and water, the two sides always fighting to outdo one another. But Mo Jing Yu just had to fall in love with an enemy, and had even abandoned them altogether, which caused everyone in the Hell Kings Palace to hate that evil seductress so vehemently.

“Of course I believe that, but, it’s just that I believe in you a little more.” Qing Lan Fei lowered her head to say with a smile.

“Believe in me?” The expression on Xiu Yi Ran’s face was a little surprised.

“I believe that you will definitely protect me.” Qing Lan Fei replied, and then raised her foot to go on ahead towards the Brocade Pavilion.

Xiu Yi Ran was startled for a moment before he quickly went to catch up to the woman. His gaze was a little complicated as he said to her: “Are you so certain that I will definitely protect you?”

He was born a person who killed without batting an eyelid, a cold blooded and merciless man. People in the outside world have even nicknamed him as the Demon Asura, and just by hearing that name, anyone should know that he was anything but a good person.

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