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Black Bellied Belle: Demon Lord, Bite the Bait Please (Web Novel) - Chapter 249.3: Merely Just a Pawn in the End

Chapter 249.3: Merely Just a Pawn in the End

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Everything has been predetermined, perfectly and carefully calculated.

The expression on Cang Jian’s face darkened, and he replied in a low voice: “Your subordinate will uncover that young lady’s real identity as quickly as possible. The Temple Lord can set your mind at ease.”

“That would be best.” Qing Luo Yan said nonchalantly, and her figure disappeared from the chair in the next instant.

Cang Jian could not help but smile bitterly to himself.

In the end, he was merely just a useful chess piece to the Temple Lord?

On the other side, after the white robed man brought Qing Yu to a wide and spacious place, he then left without a word.

Leaving Qing Yu to stand there alone, lost and bewildered.

She was told….. Where are the texts and scrolls? Why is it that she does not see anything at all? ?

“Qing Yu.”

The soft tender voice of a woman rang out slowly, and the half translucent figure of Chi Yue appeared at her side.

Qing Yu was shocked for a moment before she quickly said: “Why have you shown yourself? What if you are seen by someone? Hurry up and go back…..”

“It’s alright. Besides you, no one else can see me.” Chi Yue gave her a reassuring smile.

Hearing that, Qing Yu did not insist on asking her to go back any further.

Chi Yue took a couple of steps forward and then opened her mouth to say: “Are you finding it strange why you are unable to see any scrolls?”

Qing Yu’s eyes flared wide in surprise. “They’re really here? And you can see them? ?”

“Mm.” Chi Yue’s gaze grew sharp. “Actually, it is actually quite a tough task that Cang Jian has given you. He must be testing you!”

“What do you mean?”

“Only two kinds of people can see these scrolls. The first type are extraordinary people who are born with Yin Yang Sight, also called the third eye, and the second type…..” Chi Yue paused for a moment when she said that, before turning around to look at her. “Are dead people.”

When Qing Yu heard those words, she said in an incredulous tone: “Is he just toying with me for his own amusement?”

[When he said that all she needed to do was to tidy up some scrolls, she had thought it strange that it would be so simple. So this was what he had hidden up his sleeve!]

Chi Yue saw Qing Yu’s infuriated face and she shook her head with a smile: “But besides those two types of people, there is another way for one to see them.”

Qing Yu contemplated for a moment before she arched up an eyebrow. “You mean….. having one’s consciousness leave their body, to fall into a state of suspended animation?”


Chi Yue said with admiration in her eyes. “Because these scrolls came into existence as a result from a lifetime of sweat and blood of mighty entities from thousands and thousands of years ago. Although they have died, but remnants of their consciousness still dwell within those scrolls. Hence these scrolls are spiritual in nature and only when one is in spirit form would they be able to see them.”

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