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Black Bellied Belle: Demon Lord, Bite the Bait Please (Web Novel) - Chapter 250.2: Come Here and I Guarantee I Won’t Beat You to Death

Chapter 250.2: Come Here and I Guarantee I Won’t Beat You to Death

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“How is that even possible?”

Qing Luo Yan was such a wary person who was suspicious of everything where even Cang Jian who had turned traitor to help her was not able to completely gain her trust, what’s more towards her Qing Yu who looked so much like the Princess.

In response to the woman’s question, Qing Yu merely gave her a profound and unfathomable look and said: “Anything is possible. Moreover….. my luck has always been very good.”


On another side of Cloud Heaven, in the Dark Lands thousands of miles away.

“Reporting to the Overlord, the tail end of things have been thoroughly cleaned up.”

“Great. You can be dismissed.” Lou Jun Yao answered, and gave his hand a dismissive wave at the black robed man outside the door.

Everyone who had been engaged in discussion then exchanged quizzical glances with each other. [What’s going on?]

[Why is the Overlord acting so mysteriously recently? No one seems to know what kind of a scheme the Overlord was secretly withholding on his mind.]

Seated beside Bai Zhi Yan, Xun Luo could not help asking in a whisper: “What has the Overlord been up to recently?”

“How would I know?” Bai Zhi Yan threw a question back with a bewildered look on his face.

“You are the Overlord’s most trusted right hand man and you are closest to him among all of us here, so how could you possibly not know anything?” Xun Luo said with a sneer, the look on his face saying “forget it if you don’t want to tell me but don’t take me for a fool.”

Bai Zhi Yan looked highly aggrieved. [I really do not know alright?]

But fortunately, Lou Jun Yao did not keep them guessing for too long as he opened his mouth to explain: “That fella Mo Jing Yu was taken away by people from the Hell Kings Palace the moment he came out from the Barbarian Tribe, but he has fortunately come back out. He is currently being followed by the Hell Kings Palace’s people in secret and I merely gave him a helping hand.”

[So that’s what happened.]

“Doesn’t the Overlord dislike this particular elder and you actually voluntarily lent a hand to help him this time?” Mei Ji asked, an eyebrow raised in puzzlement. [Has the Lord switched personalities?]

“Aunt Lan is there by his side, and I do not want to risk anything.” Lou Jun Yao said nonchalantly.

“Huh? The Aunt Lan I’ve heard about in the legends has been resurrected?” Mei Ji’s eyes grew wide, the expression on her face becoming excited.

She was really very curious. With their haughtily wilful and tyrannical Overlord who feared neither Heaven or Earth, always doing anything he pleased and death to anyone who went against him, she heard that this Aunt Lan was the one and only person who was able to make him lower his head before her, and obediently submit himself to heed her words.

Lou Jun Yao was rather amused as he looked at Mei Ji and said: “No need to be so surprised. You’ll be meeting her sooner or later.”

Unexpectedly, his voice had just fallen when Bai Zhi Yan’s voice sounded out lazily. “How utterly ignorant. Is that really so surprising to hear? If you come to realize that the future Lady of these Dark Lands is actually Aunt Lan’s very own daughter, wouldn’t your eyes then pop right out of your head…..”

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