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Black Bellied Belle: Demon Lord, Bite the Bait Please (Web Novel) - Chapter 250.3: Come Here and I Guarantee I Won’t Beat You to Death

Chapter 250.3: Come Here and I Guarantee I Won’t Beat You to Death

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He was halfway through his words when he felt a chill air blow across his back. He turned his head to look and saw Lou Jun Yao looking expressionlessly at him, as all the others stared at him with their mouths agape.

With the ever cool and suave Little Monster being the lone exception, but it seemed like he had known about it all along.

A mute silence fell over the place at that moment, strangely quiet.

Bai Zhi Yan blinked his pretty eyes innocently and started to say sheepishly: “About that….. Did I just say something that I shouldn’t have?”

“So you knew about it all along!” Mei Ji said with a seductive smile at the edge of her lips, her voice gentle.

Gossiping is an innate trait of most women and Mei Ji had always been very curious about those two people.

One of them was Aunt Lan, an elder that the Overlord had always said he respected, and the other one was the mysterious young lady who got their Overlord so smitten that made him go running down to the lower realm over and over again and not come back in spite of the risk to his own wellbeing.

She had privately tried to find out more from Bai Zhi Yan many times before but that fella had refused to breathe a word about it, only complaining that he always had to pick up the pieces from the mess the Overlord left behind, and was too busy doing that to pay any attention to the Overlord’s personal relationships.

In the end, he had just accidentally let it slip out, revealing the matter to everyone.

It was clear that not only did he know about it, but he knew all the details as well.

Bai Zhi Yan came to realize what he had done. [Has he unintentionally revealed a very big secret here?]

“About that….. Mei Ji, I suddenly remembered. I think my Father sent word asking me to make a trip back to the Divine Healers Sect. You’ll have to wait till I come back if you have anything to ask me…..”

“I’ll say, this Young Lord of the Divine Healers Sect always suddenly turns into a fool when he tries to lie. Have you forgotten that your father said that he wanted to sever all ties with his unfilial son you a good hundred years ago? And you are now telling me that he actually sent word to you and has asked you to go back? ?”

Mei Ji really wanted to laugh out loud at Bai Zhi Yan’s words. But even though the guy was acting like a fool before her, it was not going to appease her anger.

She detested people who tried to take her for a fool the most throughout her life.

“Little Monster! Are you not going to bother with this at all! ?”

Bai Zhi Yan saw the seductive woman flick her hair with a flourish and stood up from her chair, looking like she was going to do something horrifying to him, causing him to immediately cringe in fear.

It must be known that although he possessed unsurpassed skills in Medicine, known to be the top few throughout Cloud Heaven, Elixir Cultivators were only strong in curing illnesses and injuries. One could never be highly skilled in healing and possess powerful battle prowess. Bai Zhi Yan’s battle skills might be good enough to kill a whole horde of people down in the lower realm, but before the Chief of the Twelve Courtesans, the Dark Land’s most prolific killers, he was reduced to become an existence so small that it could not even fill up the gap between a person’s teeth.

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