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Black Bellied Belle: Demon Lord, Bite the Bait Please (Web Novel) - Chapter 251.2: Why Kill Me! ?

Chapter 251.2: Why Kill Me! ?

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That face, just like always, was stunningly breathtaking.

The countenance of all eleven goddesses of the divine temple back then were outlandishly beautiful and enchanting but the youngest eleventh goddess was the one that everyone talked most enthusiastically about. Whether in terms of grace or beauty, she was the most outstanding, pristine and unspoiled like an untainted lotus flower, irresistibly captivating with just one look at her.

Qing Luo Yan’s face turned terrifyingly dark. “Qing Lan Fei!”

[She has….. actually returned! ?]

The same moment her voice fell, the figure of the woman immediately moved to disappear into the blurry rain in an instant.

“Qing Lan Fei! Stay right there!”

Qing Luo Yan’s eyes shone with a sharp glint and moved quickly in pursuit. “You dare to come back but do not dare to face me? Stop right there!”

Seeing that she was closing in on the fleeing red figure before her eyes, Qing Luo Yan lifted a slender arm and a sharp sword appeared in her hand with a cold gleam, and she slashed the sword down towards the figure.

The red figure dispersed under the cold gleam of the sword, disappearing from sight.

Qing Luo Yan’s face froze, as she stood stunned in her spot.

[What happened?]

[Where is she?]

“Why…..” The woman’s voice was filled with sorrow, as it slowly rang out from behind.

“Qing Luo Yan turned her head around in a snap, and saw the figure that had disappeared just now standing right behind her, with her head hung low.

The woman then slowly raised her head up. Upon the flawlessly beautiful face she saw earlier, starting from a corner at the temple, blood began to flow out through cracked and broken flesh, spreading across her entire face, a grisly and terrifying sight.

“Elder Sis, why did you kill me? Why? Why! ! ?”

The woman that had looked so frail and weak just moments ago had suddenly turned to become a maniacal and ferocious ghost, fangs bared as she roared, pouncing viciously right towards her.

Seeing the woman in such a state, it was not known whether Qing Luo Tan had felt guilty or she was conscience stricken, a sliver of fear suddenly rose up in her heart out of the blue. She waved the sword in her hand madly, screaming at the top of her lungs: “I did not kill you! Go away! Just get away from me…..!”

Her eyes were closed as the shrill scream tore out from her throat.

The body of the monstrous woman who pounced right at her was shredded to pieces in the next instant, falling all over the place to the ground, turning the place to look like a scene right out of Hell.

“Elder Sis….. I’ve died….. I’m already….. Dead.”

Those soft words hung in the air as they trailed off, before silence descended back onto the place.

Slowly, the rain came to a stop, and light was beginning to lift the darkness of night. From night to day, the speed it happened was incredibly quick.

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