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Black Bellied Belle: Demon Lord, Bite the Bait Please (Web Novel) - Chapter 251.3: Why Kill Me! ?

Chapter 251.3: Why Kill Me! ?

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Qing Luo Yan’s face finally began to become tainted with a sliver of panic. [No, she must have fallen into an illusion.]

[She clearly remembers that she had been resting in her room.]

[Moreover, she clearly remembers that night has just fallen not long ago, so how can dawn be breaking so soon! ?]

“Luo Yan, your heart is really just too venomous. Why would you treat me like this?”

The sorrowful mourning voice of the woman dragged Qing Luo Yan away from her own thoughts. Qing Luo Yan turned her eyes to look and saw that it was her Eldest Sister, the gentlest and kindest woman among the eleven sisters, known to be the most tender hearted and virtuous.

She had a man she likes back then and was about to be wed, her tummy carrying their three month old child. But on the night of her wedding, the child died inside her tummy and overcome with grief by the death of her child, she was found dead in her bridal chamber.

The child, had died from Qing Luo Yan’s cultivation of the forbidden arts, the child’s life essence completely sucked out from its body.

Although she had not done that intentionally, she could not be absolved of all blame from the deaths of the mother and child.

“Eldest Sis, I’m sorry…..”

“I do not want your apology! I want you to give me back my child! ! Do you know! ? He had yet to even gaze upon this world before he was killed! You were going to be his Aunt, how could you possibly bear to doing something to insidious to him…..”

The gentle countenance was tinged with a slight craziness as she suddenly rushed forward to clutch at her throat, the force of her grip causing Qing Luo Yan to be unable to breathe. She was no longer able to differentiate whether this was an illusion or reality as the feeling that she was going to die was just too real.

It must be said that among all the sisters who died because of her, the only one she felt she let down was only this woman before her.

That was because the woman had really been too nice to her, the eldest sister caring for her almost like a mother. The eldest sister had cared for all the youngers siblings better than their father, but she had been the first one to lose her life.

The karma from cultivating the forbidden arts would strike the people closest to the person practicing it and the person Qing Luo Yan was closest to was her eldest sister.

When it happened, it was already too late. Her eldest sister laid in a pool of her own blood, her body already cold. Her face was twisted up in horror and agony, her eyes wide open, like she had died with aggrievement in her heart.

But upon further inspection, it was discovered that the baby’s death had affected the mother too greatly. They were not able to uncover anything else other than that and there was nothing they could do but to put an end to the matter.

Coming to face the very person who caused her to be wrecked with endless guilt, Qing Luo Yan was unable to put up the slightest resistance, allowing the woman to maniacally throttle her neck, her eyes closed in resignation as she felt the air in her chest growing less and less. Through great effort, she managed to utter weakly: “I….. I’m sor….. sorry…..”

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