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Black Bellied Belle: Demon Lord, Bite the Bait Please (Web Novel) - Chapter 252.4: Unable to Escape Bathing Together

Chapter 252.4: Unable to Escape Bathing Together

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Upon saying that, she summoned up spirit powers into her hand and blasted Lou Jun Yao’s hand off her, seeking to make her way over to the other side of the hot spring pool. The pool was enormous, a good ten meters wide.

Seeing that the young lady was going slowly further and further away from him, Lou Jun Yao’s eyes narrowed and the corners of his lips then curved up. A devilishly mesmerizing expression then came onto his handsome countenance as he began to say in a soft voice: “Little Fox, have you ever seen anyone soak in a hot spring….. with their clothes on?”

Qing Yu was startled, and still had not yet completely deciphered the deep meaning behind his words when she suddenly found her shoulder becoming exposed in the very next second. Her thoroughly soaked clothes had actually disintegrated into countless tiny pieces, floating over the water’s surface like tiny flower petals.

Her back facing him, that fair jade smooth skin and that exquisitely beautiful back immediately became revealed, half of it submerged in the water, the other clearly exposed half stoking up the fire in Lou Jun Yao’s already fiery eyes.

Qing Yu’s eyes flared wide with surprise in that instant, never imagining that this fella would ever be so despicable, to employ the use of his spirit powers to destroy her clothes in order to take advantage of her!

“Lou Jun Yao! Can you be anymore shameless! ?”

[To think that he is even the Overlord of the Dark Lands! Being blessed with such a highly level of cultivation is to merely let him tear a woman’s clothes into shreds?]

[That is just too despicable to even speak of!]

She clasped her arms protectively over her chest, turning sideways to throw a scathing glare out of the corners of her eyes at him. “You…..”

“You mustn’t get angry. One would naturally not wear clothes while soaking themselves in a hot spring, or they wouldn’t be able to get much of an effect. If you feel that you’ve been disadvantaged, I can jolly well let you look at me in return.”

Lou Jun Yao’s tone of voice was highly earnest and sincere, and he then went on to pull at his clothes before his chest, to reveal a large part of his strong and powerful chest with its well defined muscles.

What was strange to see was that the man’s skin was exceptionally fair, but did not look feminine in the slightest. Instead, it made him look even more enticing, the strong hard muscles giving one a great sense of security just by looking at them.

Qing Yu merely glanced at them for a brief moment before she quickly turned her head away, biting her lip as she exclaimed loudly: “Don’t….. Don’t take off any further!”

“Huh?” Lou Jun Yao blinked his eyes. “But didn’t you find it unfair? So I have to show myself to you as well isn’t it?”

“No need!” Qing Yu was feeling her body turn hot for the first time in her life. She curled up her fingers and wanted to pull out a set of clothes from her dimensional space to change into immediately as she did not want to face him without any clothes on like this. It would be too embarrassing.

But the man’s body came to press right against hers in the next moment, er completely uncovered body, and his hand was starting to become unruly under the water’s surface.


“Be good. I just want a hug.”

Although that’s what he said through his mouth, his long slender fingers were slowly moving from her waist, and drifting upwards.

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