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Black Bellied Belle: Demon Lord, Bite the Bait Please (Web Novel) - Chapter 253.2: Gentle, Tender, and Heartwarming

Chapter 253.2: Gentle, Tender, and Heartwarming

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Qing Yu became even more embarrassed after Lou Jun Yao’s hot breath blew into her ear with his blatantly teasing words and she frantically struggled to escape out from his arms.

Seeing that, Lou Jun Yao gently turned the young lady’s head around to face him, his deep violet eyes gazing into her slightly flustered gaze. He whispered reassuringly in a soft voice: “No need to be afraid. I will not do anything to you. It’s just…..”

“Whenever I see you, I just can’t seem to control my body, but need to get close to you, and be a little more intimate.”

Those words, had definitely come straight out from Lou Jun Yao’s heart.

He was not a lustful person, or he wouldn’t have shown absolutely no interest in the many beautiful women who offered themselves readily to him over the past two hundred years.

But from the very first time he saw this little one, even though she had been disguised as a boy, he had to admit that even that crossdressed Qing Yu had stirred his heart more than any one of those women.

Which sometimes made him think, that the problem lay not in his preferences. It was not because those women were not outstanding enough, but that they all just lacked a certain quality that could move his heart.

So when he saw the lass once again back in the Gathered Cloud Loft, his first reaction was not to become enraged, but he had felt a sense of joy. It seemed like he had this special feeling just for this one person only.

But, he had not realized it before.

He had always paid very close attention to her, wanting to secretly protect her. Whenever he saw any man start to get close to her, though he showed himself to be cool about it on the surface, he was always seething inside, feeling like he was going to explode, but just did not know why he was feeling so angry.

He did not know that that was how one would feel being in love with someone, and he only realized it when she told him that she liked him as well.

So, the feeling that he had found so strange was love.

And he had already loved her from such a long time ago.

Qing Yu was actually quite softhearted. Whenever the man was being so thuggish with her, she would turn nervous and become helplessly flustered, instinctively trying to resist him.

But if he really told her sincerely how he felt, about his true feelings for her in his heart, she might not be able to help herself but come to reciprocate those feelings.

Like what was happening right at this moment. The man’s attractive violet eyes were gazing tenderly at her, and she looked like she had been helplessly enchanted, a hand slowly being lifted off from her body, to lightly caress the handsome and mesmerizing countenance. She then slipped her hand behind the man’s neck to pull him closer, her pink lips pressing up against the man’s thin lips.

The young lady’s unexpected actions caused Lou Jun Yao to be slightly stunned, his eyes turning a brilliant deep violet for an instant. He held the back of the young lady’s head firmly and then responded manically to her kiss.

But he had neglected to consider the strength of his own willpower and self control, and had neglected to consider just how great the allure of the young lady in his arms was to him.

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