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Black Bellied Belle: Demon Lord, Bite the Bait Please (Web Novel) - Chapter 253.3: Gentle, Tender, and Heartwarming

Chapter 253.3: Gentle, Tender, and Heartwarming

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The fiery hot kiss began from the young lady’s seductive lips, before it slowly began moving down towards her soft slender neck. She had probably just awoken from being bewitched just now as the dazed expression on her face became tinged with bashful embarrassment.

It was not known where the misbehaving man came to touch, which caused the young lady to let out a soft groan, and the strength suddenly went out of her legs, her body falling to submerge under the water’s surface.

Seeing that, Lou Jun Yao quickly slipped himself into the water and held the young lady tightly in an embrace. Under the crystal clear water, everything before him was plain to see, including the bare and curvy body of the young lady.

It was really impossible to hide herself no matter how much she wanted to and Lou Jun Yao’s eyes brightened with a glint under the shimmering water, unable to turn his eyes away.

Qing Yu was feeling both embarrassed and indignant, and forgetting that she was under water at that moment, she opened her mouth to say: “You must not….. Ugh…..”

She choked on the water that rushed into her throat, and her eyebrows creased up in agony. The very next moment, something soft pressed against her lips and pried her mouth open, giving her air.

The man’s attractive looking face was right in front of her, his eyes slightly narrowed. After breathing air into her mouth, he did not immediately leave, but went on to kiss her gently. It was only after a good while that he pulled her up through the water’s surface.

He carried the young lady in his arms out of the pool, her body wrapped in his clothes. In the same instant that they stepped out of the hot spring, the two of them who had been dripping wet turned dry and clean like before, without a single droplet of water in their hair or their bodies.

Cultivated powers that had laid idle for a few hundred years were suddenly being called forth to complete one of life’s simple and insignificant tasks.

Qing Yu’s head remained buried like an ostrich within the man’s embrace that whole time, not making the slightest move at all. She did not know whether it was because she had choked on water earlier and was not feeling well, or was she really just too embarrassed to show her face to him.

But from the looks of things, the latter seemed much more likely.

The hot spring here was constructed back when the godly lord was still around, but it was sealed up after a series of events, so very few people knew of its existence.

Hence, even after walking a long way out from there, they did not see anyone.

Lou Jun Yao did not walk very fast, but his footsteps did not once stop. He glanced with a smile at the curled up figure of the young lady who had her hands clutched tightly onto his clothes, her head buried in his chest and refusing to come out. He just could not help himself but to lower his head, to plant a kiss on the adorable little earlobe that was exposed on the outside.

Seeing the fingers tighten their grip on his clothes, and that fair skinned earlobe starting to turn red, a glint deepened in Lou Jun Yao’s eyes, and his expression turned exceptionally jovial as he said: “This is my first time discovering that you get embarrassed so easily?”

The little one was always portraying such a candid and straightforward personality and her thinking has always been a lot more mature and sensible than other women. Moreover, ever since they had made their feelings known to each other, they had shared intimate moments before, but she still gets so easily embarrassed.

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