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Black Bellied Belle: Demon Lord, Bite the Bait Please (Web Novel) - Chapter 253.4: Gentle, Tender, and Heartwarming

Chapter 253.4: Gentle, Tender, and Heartwarming

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It really made him feel so helpless but adore her at the same time.

His voice had just fallen when he heard the young lady’s muffled voice rise up from before his chest. “If everyone gets so shameless with you each and every time, how chaotic would the world then become…..”

Lou Jun Yao raised an eyebrow when he heard that. That sounded like she was still angry with him!

“Alright, shall I then strip off all my clothes for you to look at in return?” Lou Jun Yao asked probingly.

Is it because he managed to see everything of hers in the water just now and she is now angry with him for that?

“Who wants to look at you! ! ?” Qing Yu exploded out in a prickly roar.

“Then why…..”

Lou Jun Yao sighed helplessly. Sometimes, he really just can’t understand how a girl thinks. But what can he do? This is his own woman, so he has to indulge her somehow.

Hearing the man’s tone of voice that was seemingly bemoaning his innocence, Qing Yu grew even more glum. She bit her lip in frustration, and then opened her mouth to say: “You are not allowed to try to seduce me in future, and you must not….. be so touchy feely with your hands anymore!”

Such a detestable charmer! Really wonder if she owed him something. He just needs to lay out his charms a little and she just cannot resist him! !

If things continue on like this, the day will come where she will be eaten up by him without her realizing a thing!

That just will not do!

Having been reborn into another life, all the things that she had not experienced before must all be done at least once, taken a step at a time.

Although she really loved this man from the bottom of her heart, and she wasn’t exactly unwilling to give herself to him, but they were now not exactly legitimately a couple yet.

She had yet to find her parents, and he was already the Overlord who held reign over a major power, a man of extraordinary repute. She was not going to have the whole bunch of subordinates under him gaze at her with strange looks in their eyes.

That must at least wait till she is able to stand on her own here in Cloud Heaven, to really be able to stand beside him, shoulder to shoulder!

It was such a tender and heartwarming moment here for these two people here and on the other side of Cloud Heaven, the two other people who had left from the Hell Kings Palace, Mo Jing Yu and Qing Lan Fei had gone a far way off from both the Barbarian Tribe and the Hell Kings Palace.

They had come to stop at a busy marketplace, and found themselves a teahouse to take a short breather.

Though the two of them possessed highly attractive and outstanding looks, but as they had not appeared in the world for a hundred years, no one was able to recognize them.

The five major powers of Cloud Heaven each had their own jurisdictions under their control, and the territory they were in at that moment, belonged to the most peace loving and amiable power among the five, the Divine Healers Sect.

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