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Black Bellied Belle: Demon Lord, Bite the Bait Please (Web Novel) - Chapter 254.1: Heavenly Eye Destroyed

Chapter 254.1: Heavenly Eye Destroyed

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The Divine Healers Sect were highly reputable in Cloud Heaven, and they were the most united and close knit might among the several powers, where it seemed they had never once had any internal uprising before.

Because the Divine Healers Sect had the greatest number of members, and their people possessed unsurpassing skills in Healing, members of the other powers did not dare to stir up trouble in the Divine Healers Sect’s territories, where even people from the Hell Kings Palace would show them some face.

That was the reason why Qing Lan Fei had chosen to hide and keep a low profile in the Divine Healers Sect’s territories.

“Where do we go next?”

Mo Jing Yu had his eyes lowered, his thin lips pressed against the edge of his teacup as he took a tiny sip. The tea was probably not to his taste as the man’s attractive face creased up slightly, and did not touch the cup of tea anymore after that.

Qing Lan Fei could not help but laugh at the man when she saw that. This fella has gotten too used to fine foods and cuisines, and is not used to the quality of tea served in such small teahouses.

“I intend to go hide away quietly at the Divine Healers Sect and wait till the Hell Kings Palace is no longer paying any attention to us before we leave.” Qing Lan Fei replied softly.

“There is someone you know well in the Divine Healers Sect?” Mo Jing Yu asked with an eyebrow raised.

“The current Sect Leader of the Divine Healers Sect Bai Qiu was on quite friendly terms with me before in the past. I think he will be willing to extend a helping hand.”

— Divine Healers Sect —

It was phropesised that the Mind Free Peak would manifest soon and although it was known that the Divine Healers Sect mainly focused only on Healing and Medicine, and their fighting cultivation powers was slightly generally weaker than the other major mights in Cloud Heaven, they also had no lack of highly outstanding disciples who were skilled in both Healing and battle, which was naturally seen to be just as important aspect to gain entry into that divine realm of legend.

Bai Zhi Yan was the Young Lord of the Divine Healers Sect and because he went to join the Dark Lands back then, Bai Qiu announced to the world that he had severed their father and son ties, where they would not be in contact even upon his death. He had done that in order to protect Bai Zhi Yan and also the Divine Healers Sect itself.

But that was only what was made known to the world outside. Privately, Bai Zhi Yan came back a good number of times.

But as he was identified as a member of the Dark Lands, he would naturally not be able to go to the Mind Free Peak as the Young Lord of the Divine Healers Sect. So, Bai Qiu could only pin his hopes on the sect’s disciples with more outstanding talents. But even if he was able to find disciples who were good enough to make their way into the Mind Free Peak, none of them was as outstanding as Bai Zhi Yan.

Bai Zhi Yan was afterall the most gifted talent that the Divine Healers Sect had sprouted in the past hundred years, where even his Father had thought highly of the boy’s gift.

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