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Black Bellied Belle: Demon Lord, Bite the Bait Please (Web Novel) - Chapter 254.4: Heavenly Eye Destroyed

Chapter 254.4: Heavenly Eye Destroyed

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— Bright Moon Temple —

Although Qing Luo Yan had not had anymore dreams after that night, everything that happened had felt so real, and she was still unable to forget it. Even with the aid of the incense that promoted sleep, she was ot able to find peaceful rest.

A brocade box was placed on the table, and a red strip of high quality cloth lay quietly inside. Her long slender fingers slowly went to pick it up, and then rubbed it between her fingers.

She had plucked it off from the tree branch that night.

How could it possibly be that coincidental…..

Or was it not just a dream, but all of that had really happened?

If not, then how do you explain this thing here?

Qing Luo Yan unconsciously knitted her brows together, and her fingers clenched up tightly. A soft knocking then came in from outside at that moment. “Temple Lord.”

It was Cang Jian who had come.

Qing Luo Yan slowly relaxed the grip on her hands before she placed the strip of cloth back into the brocade box. She then opened her mouth to call out: “Come in!”

Cang Jian pushed on the door and came inside, bowing respectfully at the waist in greeting. “May I ask if the Temple Lord has summoned Cang Jian here for something important you need me to do?”

“I had a dream a few nights ago.” Qing Luo Yan went on to roughly describe the scene of her dream to him and then asked: “I want to know whether all that really happened or is someone secretly playing some tricks?”

Cang Jian contemplated deeply for a moment before he opened his mouth to say: “Will the Temple Lord please give me a moment.”

Hearing that, he walked slowly over to the window and looked up into the stars in the sky. He then closed his eyes and executed a series of signs with his fingers very quickly. A faint silver glow appeared between his brows and if one looked carefully, the glow seemed to be in the shape of an eye.

It looked like everyone who cultivated in the study of priesthood had an Heavenly Eye to pry into the past and future.

But everytime that skill was used, especially those who violated its laws to use it for immoral ends, the user would suffer backlash as punishment. Because Cang Jian had used his Heavenly Eye to pry into too many things he should not know about, his cultivation journey had become more and more difficult, unable to make any progress at all for several hundred years but find that his powers were slowly deteriorating instead.

Cang Jian kept his eyes closed and focused his energy to immerse himself into it, trying his best to sense everything.

But just as he was about to sense something, he suddenly saw a person reveal a strange and cryptic smile at the corners of their lips.

It was not known what happened after that but his eyes suddenly lost their lustre like he had gone blind, as he felt sharp pain stabbing him right between his brows. He was suddenly unable to see anything with his normal eyes and it was a good long while before his sight was returned to clarity.

When he peered around, he was not able to see any traces of what he had glimpsed just now.

He could not help but become rather flustered, but when he turned around his face was calm and composed. Without any change in his expression, he went on to say: “Temple Lord, I did not see anything suspicious but it seems like that was just a coincidence.”

“Is that so?” Qing Luo Yan furrowed her brows, looking a little doubtful. But since that was what he told her, she had no reason to suspect otherwise, thinking that he wouldn’t dare to lie to her anyway.

“You can be dismissed.” Qing Luo Yan waved her hand impatiently.

Cang Jian acknowledged his orders and retreated. But the moment he stepped outside, his face turned deathly pale all of a sudden, and he quickly shuffled his way back to his chambers.

He flipped at the books frantically, seeking to find records that reflected how to get a priest’s Heavenly Eye can be restored. How can he possibly be unable to see! ? Why is he suddenly unable to see at a time like this! ? That cannot happen! !

Qing Luo Yan was already fed up with him and if he were to lose his Heavenly Eye and his priestly powers, she would definitely dump him without a moment’s hesitation!

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