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Black Bellied Belle: Demon Lord, Bite the Bait Please (Web Novel) - Chapter 255.2: See Who Puts on a Greater Show

Chapter 255.2: See Who Puts on a Greater Show

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The commotion that had erupted when that happened, had been felt in all corners of the divine temple.

But, she was clearly just a young lady brought back from the lower realms but she possessed such incredible abilities, which was rather astounding.

Cang Jian’s eyes turned dark and he deepened his voice to call out to the young lady. “Qing Yu.”

The ends of Qing Yu’s lips lifted up in an almost imperceptible arc before she immediately hid it away that very same instant.

With an earnest look on her face that made her look so innocent and harmless, Qing Yu turned herself around slowly, like she had only just noticed Cang Jian’s arrival. She looked a little surprised as she asked: “Why has the Grand Priest come here?”

“Mm. I came here to see whether you’ve settled yourself in properly. Afterall, Lord Yue Fen did ask us to take good care of you.” Cang Jian did not immediately reveal the reason he had come here but went on to show the young lady some concern.

Qing Yu laughed silently to herself inside. This fella can really hold it in can’t he? But since he is not anxious about it, she can naturally be even more nonchalant than him.

“I thank the Grand Priest for his concern. I am doing great here. There are so many interesting books here and reading them has been highly beneficial to me. The Grand Priest you have really been too kind to me, letting me come to such a great place, which will help me raise my cultivation level as well. I am truly touched by the gesture…..”

Cang Jian listened to the young lady ramble on and the smile on his face began to look a little ugly, feeling like his heart was bleeding.

As expected, the young lady was able to see the scrolls and text.

He had originally sought to secretly test her, to see if she had any relations with that person. But right at the moment even after she was being tested, he really did not care anymore whether she was related to that person or not.

What was most important to him now was to find ancient texts related to restoring one’s Heavenly Eye, as without the Heavenly Eye ability as a priest, how was he going to maintain his footing here in the divine temple? He might not even be able to survive in Cloud Heaven at all.

He took a deep breath and then interrupted the young lady. “It’s good that you like it here. You mentioned that there are many interesting books here, I wonder what books you’ve managed to read?”

His words felt like he was testing waters.

Of course he could not possibly ask too directly. If the fact that he was unable to see the Scroll Chambers was leaked, how was he going to be able to hold his own before the other priests? Hence, he could only take a circuitous approach like this, seeking to garner some useful information from there.

Qing Yu could not help but find it rather funny.

This Cang Jian really thought that she was that dumb, not knowing that Chi Yue had already told her everything.

But since he asked, she would naturally not want to disappoint him.

The young lady’s luscious eyes turned crafty before they turned up into two smiley crescents as she opened her mouth to say: “There are many many interesting books. Some tell of strange and incredible occurrences that happened in the realm, records of unworldly precious treasures, unmatched spirit artifacts and fighting techniques, and even information on the hidden lairs of all kinds of spirit beasts as well…..”

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