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Black Bellied Belle: Demon Lord, Bite the Bait Please (Web Novel) - Chapter 256.2: He Looks So Much Like My Son

Chapter 256.2: He Looks So Much Like My Son

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But though hundreds of years had passed, time had not left a single trace upon that face of hers, her countenance looking exactly the same as the young lady she was before, so it was no wonder that he was surprised to discover that fact.

Qing Lan Fei had a smile on her lips as she said in a soft voice: “Sect Leader Bai, you must have so many things you need to deal with on a day to day basis, so you really do not need to come pay us a visit so often. I am already very grateful that you are willing to extend a helping hand to us.”

“Miss Qing need not worry about that. Things in the Divine Healers Sect can be said to have been rather peaceful in recent years and there aren’t that many things for me to do, but there is one request that I might need to make of you if I may.” Bai Qiu said with a sigh, looking a little helpless.

“Oh?” Qing Lan Fei raised an eyebrow. She had always had a quick mind and she immediately thought of something upon hearing that. “Could it have something to do with….. the Mind Free Peak?”

“Miss Qing is really as smart as I thought.” Bai Qiu then paused for a moment, his eyes raising up to look at the woman smiling beautifully at him before he said: “I hope….. That Miss Qing can take the place of that unfilial son of mine and go to the Mind Free Peak as the Divine Healers Sect’s representative.”

In the time that Qing Lan Fei had stayed here in the Divine Healers Sect, she had also heard of this son of Bai Qiu’s.

He was the most gifted and talented Elixir Cultivator the Divine Healers Sect had seen in a hundred years and it was said that his skills had already surpassed that of the Sect Leader, Bai Qiu’s. But he had committed some wrong and was eventually thrown out of the place.

She did not know very much about it but just the bits that people mentioned to her in idle chit chat.

But here was Bai Qiu asking her to take his son’s place to go into the Mind Free Peak. Wouldn’t that be a little inappropriate?

“To be honest with you, besides the few Elders and myself here, though the Divine Healers Sect still has a good number of capable talents among the younger generation of disciples…..”

Bai Qiu’s face seemed to become clouded with an ugly shade as he continued to say through tightly clenched teeth: “Not a single one of them can match up to even one half of that rascal’s skills. Me and my elderly bunch of old fogeys will not be allowed entry into Mind Free Peak and so I can only come ask for Miss Qing’s help…..”

Qing Lan Fei understood what the man was asking of her, and the expression on her face looked rather helpless as she started to reply: “But….. I am not a member of the Divine Healers Sect.”

“How will that even matter? I will just need to…..”

“Sect Leader Bai.”

The man who had not said a single word all this time suddenly spoke up, to interrupt Bai Qiu’s words.

Qing Lan Fei also turned to look in surprise at the man beside her. What does this fella intend to say?

Mo Jing Yu then went on to say slowly. “My apologies, but I fear that Fei Er will not be able to agree to your request.”

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