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Black Bellied Belle: Demon Lord, Bite the Bait Please (Web Novel) - Chapter 257.2: Child, Father and Mother Loves You

Chapter 257.2: Child, Father and Mother Loves You

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And now, besides Fei Er, another person with the Flame element had appeared. But from what was seen, that person’s Flame element’s power had not been brought to its full potential, otherwise the effects would not be so weak.

He had seen with his own eyes in the past when Fei Er had summoned the powers of the Flame element, and witnessed its magnificent power. It could only be termed as nothing else but terrifying.

Completely different from what was on Mo Jing Yu’s mind, when Qing Lan Fei felt the comfortingly familiar ripple of spirit power in the air, what rose up within her heart was not shock. No one but herself knew it better than her. Throughout the entire world, besides her alone, the mutated Flame element she possessed had never ever appeared on another person.

For someone to be able to possess the Flame element, it could only have been brought out from within her body, inherited from her bloodline.

Qing Lan Fei’s eyes immediately turned red at the rims. She was not even able to explain anything to the man standing beside her when her feet were already subconsciously bringing her towards the direction of the brilliant glow.

And on the other side, Qing Bei had merely summoned up a little of the Flame element’s powers that caused the mass of black mist to retreat. The strange creature seemed to be highly fearful and like a receding tide, it dissipated and dispersed into nothing, without a single trace of it left behind.


The gently handsome youth lowered his head and stared into his palm, his mind thinking whether he had gotten himself into trouble with that. That creature could have been something that the Divine Healers Sect had put in place to guard against intruders and he had killed a great big half of them.

It’s alright, he will just apologize and own up to it at most, as he was brought in here by Bai Zhi Yan, so the man will definitely help him if he was to be blamed.

He was not feeling that worried with that though in mind and was about to wrack his mind on how to find his way back. The moment he lifted his head up, he was met with a pair gentle looking eyes, slightly misted over with what could very well be tears.

It was an extremely beautiful looking woman wearing a bright red dress that was like the colour of dusk, making the beautiful scenery around her become just an accompanying background. She was standing barely ten steps’ distance away, quietly looking at him.

Qing Bei raised an eyebrow in surprise, feeling a little puzzled.

This person felt a little familiar somehow, but he had never met her before.

His feet that had wanted to leave the place unconsciously planted themselves firmly on the ground.

Both of them standing there to gaze at each other, just a short distance apart.

“Are you….. Little Bei?” Qing Lan Fei asked hesitantly, her eyes red.

Qing Bei was taken aback. “You are…..”

He had not forgotten that this was in Cloud Heaven, a realm that was of a higher level than the Constellation Continent. So why would anyone know him at all?

But this woman did not look like she meant him any harm and….. she felt rather comfortingly familiar.

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