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Black Bellied Belle: Demon Lord, Bite the Bait Please (Web Novel) - Chapter 257.3: Child, Father and Mother Loves You

Chapter 257.3: Child, Father and Mother Loves You

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A smile slowly came onto Qing Lan Fei’s lips as she said: “My child, the powers you just summoned up….. Was it the Flame element?”

“How did you know that?” Qing Bei’s eyes immediately flared wide, and the expression on his face quickly grew wary.

Qing Yu had told him before that the possession of their elemental power must be kept secret and unless it was absolutely necessary, they must not use its power or to reveal it to others. But he had merely summoned up just a little bit of the Flame element’s power just now and someone had immediately recognized it.

Qing Lan Fei looked at the wary deer like expression on the youth’s face and her heart winced for a moment. She kept her smile on her face as she said: “Do you know where the Flame element originated from?”

“It first manifested from a mutation of elemental spirit powers, a variant element that came to be formed. Throughout the entire Cloud Heaven, none other me possess spirit powers with this element.” Qing Lan Fei’s expression grew more gentle. “Both you and your sister has the Flame element’s power in your bodies and that is because you both inherited it from my blood.”

When that voice fell, Qing Bei looked like he had been struck by an immense force, his face immediately turning pale. “You….”

His lips moved, but he could not utter another word, but just stood there staring foolishly at the woman, unable to come back to his senses.

The very next second, the woman who had been more than ten steps’ distance away suddenly appeared right before him in a blink, her hands stretched out gently to hold the youth in a tender embrace. A melodious sounding voice that was tinged with a bit of raspiness then said: “My child, Mother is finally able to see you again. You’ve grown up safe and sound, and that is the most comforting thing to have ever happen to me…..”

Till the moment that he was hugged in the woman’s arms, Qing Bei had been caught in a stunned daze.

What is happening here?

Mother? Has he heard her wrongly? ?

He suddenly came back to his senses and quickly broke free from the woman’s arms. His face was still carrying a shocked expression as he asked: “You are saying that you’re my mother?”

“You brat. How dare you speak to your mother like that? How can that possibly be faked!”

Seeing that it was a reunion of mother and child, Mo Jing Yu had not wanted to disturb the tender moment. But when he saw the eyes of the woman he loved turning red around the rims and looking so sad and sorrowful upon seeing that little brat doubt Qing Lan Fei’s real identity, Mo Jing Yu could not help but step forward to speak.

Qing Bei saw that a man had suddenly appeared and he jumped in shock once more, but when he saw the man’s handsome countenance, he could not help but be stunned into a daze another time.

It was for no other reason than the fact that the man’s facial features with those long upslanted phoenix like eyes were largely similar to his own, and that devilishly alluring glint in his eyes was a lot more like Qing Yu’s rather than himself.

Upon thinking about Qing Yu, his eyes unconsciously turned back to look at the red clothed woman. Upon looking at her more closely, he found that she really looked very much like Qing Yu.

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