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Black Bellied Belle: Demon Lord, Bite the Bait Please (Web Novel) - Chapter 257.4: Child, Father and Mother Loves You

Chapter 257.4: Child, Father and Mother Loves You

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But compared to the clear and distinctly flawless beauty of the woman, Qing Yu possessed a more devilish allure, like people with two completely different personalities.

No wonder he had found the woman so familiar looking. It was because she looked so much like Qing Yu.

And at that moment, the expression on his face was a little complicated as he slowly came to say: “You….. are really my parents.”

Lou Jun Yao must have already known that the two of them were here at this place and that was why he had made Bai Zhi Yan bring him here, so that they could be reunited!

But he had never thought that they would come to meet under such circumstances.

He had known from a very young age that his mother was no longer around and that was why he had always yearned to have Yan Su to cast his glance his way a little bit more. But when he came to discover that the man was not his biological birth father, that intense longing had gradually dissipated, and he was not so hung up on trying to impress the man anymore.

Fortunately, Qing Yu had always been at his side.

Hence at that very instant, faced with his real parents standing right before him, he really did not know what to feel.

Seeing the youth looking highly flustered and at a complete loss, Mo Jing Yu sighed softly. As a man, he could only communicate the way a man knew how. He bumped his fist against the youth’s shoulder and said: “Father and Mother have let both of you down. But you have to know that if it was not because we really had no other choice, no parent under the Heavens can bear to abandon their own flesh and blood.”

Qing Bei’s thin body stiffened for an instant as his hands clenched up into fists, but he did not say anything.

Seeing the youth looking like that, Qing Lan Fei’s heart almost broke into pieces, but she did not know what she could say to comfort him.

Mo Jing Yu paused for a moment before he raised a large hand and stiffly placed it onto the youth’s head. He ruffled the youth’s hair rather tenderly and said in a soft voice: “Foolish child, shouldn’t you at least give some kind of response? Don’t you see how aggrieved your Mother is standing there on the verge of tears? Give your Father and Mother here a chance to make it up to you and our family will never part again from now on alright?”

It was only until he finished saying those words that Qing Bei was able to react. He turned to look at Qing Lan Fei and saw that the woman’s eyes were red and misty, looking at him with longing and anticipation. He then carefully raised a hand up to help her wipe away her tears. “Mother, don’t cry…..”

That soft call of Mother from the youth however came to break the dam inside Qing Lan Fei, where her tears flowed down incessantly, unstoppable.

No one else knew how relieved and ecstatic she had felt when she first heard the news that the two children she had sacrificed in order to save Jing Yu were still alive.

It wasn’t as if she did not love her children, but she was really given no other options back then, and she had no choice but to make that heart wrenching decision.

And in that instant that she heard Qing Bei called her Mother, it felt as if nothing else mattered.

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