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Black Bellied Belle: Demon Lord, Bite the Bait Please (Web Novel) - Chapter 259.2: Turn Her Into The Same Type To Be Together

Chapter 259.2: Turn Her Into The Same Type To Be Together

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“If you really become one of us here in the wolf tribe, not only will you take the seat at the pinnacle of authourity, you will also come to possess power that no ordinary man possesses, hold the fear and respect of everyone as they submit to you. Isn’t that what any man could only dream to gain? But here you are unmoved by any of this in the slightest, choosing to suffer the torment brought about by the backlash from your blood.”

Qiong Fei seemed to look rather helpless when he spoke till that point. “Do you even know how many people are envious of the unique powers the people of the wolf tribe possess but here you are choosing to reject it.”

And the moment the man finished saying those words, the aura around Qing Ye Li’s body seemed to grow a little colder.

He suddenly stood up, his dark green eyes emotionless as they looked expressionlessly at the man. “From the time I grew old enough to remember, I have lived as a human, and I will still remain human from now on. I will never ever become….. cold and heartless, a wild beast devoid of humanity.”

“Ha.” Qiong Fei could not help but scoff, his enchanting gaze tinged with indiscernible meaning as he said: “Is Ye Er insisting to be a human so stubbornly because of that lass you came to meet and have secretly developed feelings for back in the other world?”

Qing Ye Li’s irises suddenly constricted.

“No need to get so worried. I will not lay my hands on a mere lass.”

The corners of Qiong Fei’s mouth lifted slightly as he stood up to walk over to the man. He reached a hand out to pat Qing Ye Li on his shoulder and then said: “But Ye Er, you have to understand that the two of you are from two completely different worlds and even if you are willing to suffer all this torment because of her, it will still not be possible for you to be together with a human woman.”

Qing Ye Li lowered his eyes and his already pale complexion turned even more frigidly frosty.

However, in the very next second, Qiong Fei’s voice sounded close to his ear. “But, it is not entirely impossible. You will only need to turn her into a werewolf like you, and you can be together with her. It all depends on how much you want to be her in the end.”

Upon finishing those words, Qiong Fei then lifted a foot and departed from the place.

Leaving behind Qing Ye Li, who stood there frozen in his spot, unable to recover his senses for a very long while.

He, can really be with Little Yu?

If he….. turns her to become like him, they can then be together forever?

— Cloud Heaven —

Bright Moon Temple

Qing Luo Yan had not slept well for several consecutive nights. The moment she closed her eyes at night, she would dream of all the cruel things she had done to her closest kin, all of them with their faces covered in blood, wailing pitifully and asking her why she had done all those things to them.

Her temper had become irritable and explosive, where many fell under her venomous hand, tormented to an inch of their last breath by the curse she had laid in their bodies.

Cang Jian was constantly pressured by her but as he had lost his Heavenly Eye, he was unable to see what was wrong inside her body, and was unable to give her any helpful suggestions. All the methods found in the Scroll Chamber had been of absolutely no use and he was almost going to suffer a nervous breakdown.

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