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Black Bellied Belle: Demon Lord, Bite the Bait Please (Web Novel) - Chapter 259.3: Turn Her Into The Same Type To Be Together

Chapter 259.3: Turn Her Into The Same Type To Be Together

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At his wits’ end and with a forlorn face, he unknowingly wandered his way to come to the Scroll Chamber.

The young lady was waving a duster in her hand around like always, leisurely and seemingly highly at ease, a pure and innocent happy smile on her face.

Cang Jian was suddenly highly envious of her.

“Oh the Grand Priest has come. How was it? Were the books I gave last time of any use to the Grand Priest?” The young lady’s voice rose up in a bright and cheerful tone.

It was only then that Cang Jian’s mind was pulled back to the present. As it had been too pressurizing recently, he really could not put on a smile, but just managed a tug at the ends of his lips to say: “Hm, thank you for that.”

“It was nothing. If the Grand Priest has anything that is bothering you, feel free to come look for me. I am really good at these things!” Qing Yu said with her eyes turned into two smiling arcs, looking so innocent and guileless, sweet and completely harmless, a girl that one would easily make people put their guard down.

Cang Jian had probably been tormented by that crazed Qing Lan Fei a little too much recently and his mind was slightly dazed when he suddenly just could not help himself but want to tell the young lady with such a bright smile before his eyes everything that was troubling him at that moment.

“Little lass, do you know of any way that could help the Temple Lord be freed from her persistent nightmares, and not continue to dream in her sleep?”

Qing Yu’s eyes flashed with a glint. Of course she knew of a way how.

But, how long has it merely been? She is already unable to withstand it? A nefarious woman devoid of conscience like her has suffered just a tiny little bit of punishment and how could this be enough! ?

“Grand Priest, there is something that might be worth a try, but…..”

Qing Yu lowered her eyes and bit on her lip, seemingly finding it hard to speak her mind. “You know very well that the Temple Lord doesn’t like me or she would not have sent me to such a far and remote place like this. I fear that she would not agree to let me get close to her.”

“You really think it will work?” Cang Jian’s eyes widened, like he found it rather hard to believe. He was merely just voicing out his troubles and it turned out that the young lady really knew of a way to help him.

“Actually, I am skilled in a certain kind of hypnosis technique that allows me to be able to change the things that happen in a person’s dreams. I will only need to change the things that happen in the Temple Lord’s dreams into good and happy ones and she will not have trouble sleeping anymore.”

“To think that such an amazing skill exists.” Cang Jian could not help but voice out his praise. Looking greatly relieved, he then went on to say: “I will think of a way to convince the Temple Lord, but I will have to ask. Will this hypnosis technique of yours really work?”

“If the Grand Priest does not trust me, you will not have asked me would you?” Qing Yu smiled and replied. “The fact that I was brought up here from the lower realms to come to this place, does the Grand Priest think that it happened for no good reason?”

Cang Jian was suddenly jolted by the young lady’s words.

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