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Black Bellied Belle: Demon Lord, Bite the Bait Please (Web Novel) - Chapter 260.1: Am I the Man You Love the Most

Chapter 260.1: Am I the Man You Love the Most

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Accompanying the young lady’s soothing voice, was an almost magical power that made Qing Luo Yan slowly close her eyes, and fall into a dream state.

Her memories seemed to have returned to five hundred years ago.

At that time, everything had not changed yet. The Divine Temple had expanded all over Cloud Heaven, its reach extending like the light of midday as the most powerful might.

Everyone yearned to be able to join the Divine Temple, because it was known to be the place where celestial air was the most robust and intense, a sacred realm of immortals blessed by the gods, where a normal person’s hundred year cultivation outside could not compare to ten years’ worth of cultivation here in the Divine Temple. It could be seen from here just how highly envied people in the Divine Temple were by others.

And the suitors of the princesses in the Divine Temple came to their door like it was a marketplace, some sincere and some with other intentions.

Having seen too many glib tongued men who whispered hypocritical sweet nothings, Qing Luo Yan grew more haughty and arrogant, showing contempt for each and every man. But it was this one time, that she saw someone that caught her eye, a man she would not forget for the rest of her life.

It was the day where several major powers came to pay a visit to the Divine Temple, which coincided with the day the Divine Temple was holding a ceremony to make their offerings to the gods that happened once every hundred years.

That man had come to visit together with his father, and the first time that he saw him, she wasn’t all that charmed. But as that person was really outstanding looking, especially the long backswept phoenix like eyes he possessed, she found them highly captivating.

His looks were more exquisite than those of a woman’s, and you could even call him beautiful. Very few men could have such outstanding looks which were so stunning.

She remembered how all her sisters had said in jest that it was such a pity the man had not been born a woman and that if all men were so beautiful looking, then how were women going to continue to live.

That’s right, that man left such an exceptionally deep impression when one met him for the first time, and it was that face of his that made Qing Luo Yan who always looked down at people to can’t help but cast her eyes his way.

That could be the hands of fate at work.

She was a noble princess of the noble Divine Temple and the two of them should not have any interaction between them. She had never taken a step out from the Divine Temple and had never come into close contact with any men outside of the place.

She had probably become tired of those two faced suitors who harboured hidden intentions which caused her heart to remain calm, without feeling a ripple of emotion.

She was born with an eccentric personality and besides her eldest and youngest sister who was a little closer to her, she was distant towards all her other siblings.

On most days, the only thing she had for company was a beautiful and adorable looking wild Dark Snow Hare that her father had given to her during her hundred year old come of age ceremony.

Its body was black as ink, except for a white tuft of fur on its forehead. Its eyes that were beautiful as rubies were highly intelligent, looking as if they could speak.

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