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Black Bellied Belle: Demon Lord, Bite the Bait Please (Web Novel) - Chapter 260.3: Am I the Man You Love the Most

Chapter 260.3: Am I the Man You Love the Most

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The happiest thing that happened during the time when she was a young woman was to have met this man.

In the hundred years after that, it was probably because there was a person who was able to make her feel like life was no longer so tediously monotonous, and she became a much happier person.

Unknowingly, the sky had turned bright, and the flickering candlelight inside the house finally gave a final sputter before it went out just as the final sliver of darkness disappeared from the skies.

From Qing Lan Fei’s tightly shut eyes, two streams of tears suddenly flowed down over her face, as she slowly came to open her eyes.

How long has it been since she dreamed of him?

They were actually on such good terms back then. So why did it all….. have to change in the end?


As a might that rose up only later in Cloud Heaven, although the Hunters Guild had not existed for as many years as the other major powers, the extent of their might was not all that far inferior to the others.

And it was rumoured that the Guild Chief of the Hunters Guild was once a member of the Dark Lands.

Because he was displeased with the treacherous deceit of the Dark Overlord and his brutal and ruthless ways who did not treat people humanely, he ran away from the Dark Overlord’s clutches of evil in a fit of anger, bringing with him several brothers in arms he was closer to, and founded the Hunters Guild that swore to avenge the humiliation they were put through, to forever stand against the people of the Dark Lands.

“Chief, someone’s outside who wants to meet with you.”

The Hunters Guild’s Guild Chief was a man named Zhuge Xiong, a highly skilled witch doctor well versed in the art of poison. That profession was also under the Elixir Cultivator category but because witch doctors were usually venomous hearted and despicable in their ways, they were not fully recognized by most other Elixir Cultivators.

Zhuge Xiong had actually just finished cultivating a few cauldrons of elixirs and he had overexerted his mind. He was at that moment lying back exhausted upon the soft lounge, trying to get some rest.

Hearing someone making a report, he immediately creased his brows together and said in a rather impatient tone. “I do not want to see anyone.”

“But the other party says he has something you will be interested to hear about, and that you will regret it if you do not meet with him.”

Zhuge Xiong’s eyelids twitched slightly and he then opened his eyes, a vicious glint flashing briefly within. “Let him come in.”

Hmm? He’ll regret it? If this turns out to be a trick, that person will then know what it means to regret it!

In a short moment, the soft patter of feet slowly sounded. Zhuge Xiong raised his eyes to look indifferently and saw a tall figure clad in a full black cape, a bamboo hat on his head, his footsteps sure and steady.

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