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Black Bellied Belle: Demon Lord, Bite the Bait Please (Web Novel) - Chapter 261.1: I Don’t Like You, I Love You

Chapter 261.1: I Don’t Like You, I Love You

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Upon seeing him react like that, Qing Yu then nodded her head and said: “Yes.”

She would really like to see what this fella was going with this line of questioning.

Hearing her reply, Lou Jun Yao’s face inadvertently came to reveal a joyous expression before he opened his mouth again to ask: “Does that mean that you will not leave me for whatever reason it is?”

The way he asked the question was very serious, his deep purple eyes staring at her without blinking, and they even seemed to carry a hint of anticipation in them.

Qing Yu was unable to resist that look from the man’s eyes the most and she could not help but reach her hand out to squeeze the man’s good looking face. “What kind of questions are these? Why can’t I understand all that you’re asking me here? Why would I want to leave you?”

Throughout her previous life and this one, she had only fallen in love with this one man, so she would naturally treasure and appreciate him so much more. But here he is suddenly asking whether she would leave him out of the blue, it was all so strange and preposterous!

Lou Jun Yao caught the tiny unruly hand on his face, his deep eyes gazing right at her for a good long while. He suddenly lowered his head looking a little sad as he said in a slightly hoarse voice: “Qing Bei….. has already met with your parents. They are now in the Divine Healers Sect.”

“Really?” Qing Yu’s eyes widened in shock for a moment, before she then said, looking rather comforted: “That is really great! Qing Bei has always been pining for his birth parents all this time so he should be very happy now!”

Having been reborn in this borrowed body, she has now finally gotten one of her biggest worries resolved.

But she knew deep in her heart that this was all due to Lou Jun Yao’s doing. He had been quietly helping her all this while, and that was how her parents were found so quickly.

Qing Yu could not help but lean in to peck at the man’s cheek. “Ah Yao, thank you.”

The gentle kiss from the young lady as she leaned in caused Lou Jun Yao’s heart to flutter a moment, almost unable to help himself but to go kiss her back. But, he still had not forgotten his objective here tonight.

Thinking about that, his eyes remained averted, the expression on his face still strangely depressed.

No matter how dense Qing Yu could possibly be, she was still able to see that there was something wrong with that expression. “What happened? You do not seem like you’re in a very good mood.”

The man hesitated for a moment before he turned to look at her to say: “If you father were to stop you from being together with me, will you leave me?”

“What?” Qing Yu became even more bewildered. “My father…. will stop us from being together? ?”

“Your father….. knows about us.” Lou Jun Yao’s voice had turned to become rather depressed. “Maybe it’s because I have such a bad reputation and he does not have a good impression of me, making him dislike me as a person…..”

In reality, after Bai Zhi Yan went back, he had only told Lou Jun Yao that after the man knew that he and the little fox were together, the expression on the man’s face had turned very ugly, looking like he did not approve of them, and had not said anything else.

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