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Black Bellied Belle: Demon Lord, Bite the Bait Please (Web Novel) - Chapter 260.4: Am I the Man You Love the Most

Chapter 260.4: Am I the Man You Love the Most

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Zhuge Xiong could not help but arched up an eyebrow. Who could this person really be? Wrapped up so tightly and fully concealed, is he really too hideous to be seen?

Just as he was wondering who the man could be, the man slowly lifted a hand to remove the bamboo hat on his head. A gently handsome countenance was revealed and he then opened his mouth to say: “Brother Zhuge, long time no see.”


Everything was unfolding within what Qing Yu had predicted.

Qing Luo Yan became reliant on her hypnosis as Qing Luo Yan would continue to have nightmares if Qing Yu did not even help her for one night. From that night onwards, it was as if she was unable to shake off all those terrifying nightmares.

From being suspicious initially, Qing Luo Yan slowly started to trust Qing Yu completely, where she transferred Qing Yu out from the Scroll Chamber, and showed the young lady exceptional favour, bestowing an uncountable amount of gold and silver, together with all kinds of rare and precious treasures.

And as for her most trusted right hand man Cang Jian, he seemed to have lost favour with Qing Luo Yan, who no longer summoned him for any tasks, making him seem highly neglected.

It was because she felt that Cang Jian seemed to become more and more incompetent, unable to find the cause for a simple thing like her insomnia and had to rely on a unknown young lass from the ower realm to enable her to be able to get some restful sleep. That just made him a complete joke.

The day that her patience ran out, she no longer saw a need for Cang Jian to remain behind anymore.

By the time Qing Yu came back from Qing Luo Yan’s sleeping chambers, the well built man in a suit of purple robes was already lying lazily on her cloud bed, his head propped up in one hand, looking like a carved stone statue pining for his wife’s return, his eyes gazing into the direction of the door intermittently.

That flawless countenance was carrying a rather innocent and pitiful expression on its face, which made for quite a startling sight to behold.

When Qing Yu saw him lying there blatantly on the bed, she actually jumped back in shock for a moment.

If she remembered correctly, ever since she was transferred back out from the Scroll Chamber, the guards around her place had more than doubled, and she had even seen Yue Fen outside on her way in just now.

So, how did this fella manage to sneak his way in here?

And he was being so audaciously conspicuous and fearless.

Qing Yu could not help rolling her eyes. “Aren’t you afraid that you’ll be spotted?”

That pair of eyes of his and the purple robes he wore were just too striking and it was feared that very few people in Cloud Heaven would not know who he was. To have the leader of the Dark Lands come secretly rendezvous with a young lady from the lower realms every night, it would surely shock people so hard their eyes would pop right out of their sockets if they came to know about it.

Lou Jun Yao merely blinked his eyes innocently at her, looking strangely adorable. “What is there to fear? You are now the Temple Lord’s most favoured one here in the Bright Moon Divine Temple. Even if I am captured, you will definitely protect me anyway.”

“…..” Qing Yu almost wanted to spurt out blood when she heard that.

When did this fella learn to say words to make her laugh?

Seeing that she was not going to come over to him, Lou Jun Yao could not help but become a little anxious. He stretched a large hand out and scooped up the soft and nice smelling little figure into his arms, and it was only then that he was satisfied.

Qing Yu looked at him a little helplessly and said: “Why do I seem to feel that you’re a little needily sticky now?”

Hearing that, Luo Jun Yao was taken aback for a moment, before he leaned in closer and pressed his forehead against hers, his voice low and deep as he said: “Little fox, am I the man you love the most?”

That sudden question that came out of nowhere stunned Qing Yu for a while. She then blinked her eyes quizzically at him and asked: “Why are you suddenly asking that?”

“Answer me first.” Lou Jun Yao was being unusually stubborn, asking for her to answer him.

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