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Black Bellied Belle: Demon Lord, Bite the Bait Please (Web Novel) - Chapter 262.3: Soul Back in Place

Chapter 262.3: Soul Back in Place

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On this day, for the first time ever, Qing Luo Yan actually sent someone to go summon Qing Yu to come accompany her for breakfast.

The food were all rare dishes that were hard to find in Cloud Heaven and just by looking at the breakfast, it could be seen what a luxurious life Qing Luo Yan lead everyday there.

It was probably because Qing Yu had shown herself to be obedient and cooperative, and the fact that the young lady had even cured Qing Luo Yan of her insomnia, any bit of suspicion Qing Luo Yan had against the young lady was greatly smoothed over by then.

“Have a taste. You can only find these things here in the Bright Moon Temple and not anywhere else outside.” Qing Luo Yan said in a gentle tone.

“Thank you Temple Lord.”

Qing Yu was not worried that she would spike the food as she was still useful to the woman now, so she went on to try a few of the dishes spread out in front of her.

When breakfast was almost over, Qing Luo Yan then looked at the young lady with an appraising gaze and said: “I had really underestimated you in the past. Even the Grand Priest himself was helpless with this ailment of mine, but you were able to cure me of it. I really must thank you properly for this.”

“The Temple Lord is too kind. I was just lucky and managed to help you in a stroke of good luck. I am merely a little girl from the lower realms but the Temple Lord has not only allowed me to remain here but have even helped me to raise my cultivation. I should be the grateful one instead.” Qing Yu lowered her head to say humbly, looking like she was in awe of the benevolence bestowed on her.

Seeing that, an almost imperceptible smile seemed to flash within Qing Luo Yan’s eyes but quickly faded away in a blink. She then continued to say: “In a few days, several of the great powers in Cloud Heaven will meet up for a discussion about the Mind Free Peak. I will bring you along when the time comes.”

“Mind Free Peak?” Qing Yu asked in a puzzled voice. “What is that?”

“You do not need to know that. Just know that it will be a place that will help expand your horizons.”

On her way back from Qing Luo Yan’s place, that one nagging question remained in Qing Yu’s mind.

What does that woman have up her sleeve this time?

Although she had heard of the name Mind Free Peak from Lou Jun Yao, but she did not know what kind of a place it was exactly, but just that it was very dangerous in there.

A place that the most treacherous places in the Constellation Continent could not even begin to compare to.

A divine realm that was more mysterious and dangerous than the Five Great Powers, a place that people of true power yearned to go to. No one knew its exact location, but just that the place would open itself up when the time came, to welcome people who were qualified enough to enter.

On another side of Cloud Heaven, Lou Jun Yao had just left from Qing Yu’s place but changed direction midway, to make his way towards the Divine Healers Sect.

Due to the fact that there was someone there that he did not really want to meet right at this moment, he did not reveal himself, but just handed the things he brought out over to Bai Zhi Yan, leaving the place with just a few instructions given to the man.

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