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Black Bellied Belle: Demon Lord, Bite the Bait Please (Web Novel) - Chapter 262.4: Soul Back in Place

Chapter 262.4: Soul Back in Place

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What he brought, were Qing Lan Fei’s spirit fragments that had been gathered before.

Back when Qing Lan Fei’s main soul had escaped, her flesh body had automatically gone out in search of its main soul. Besides the soul fragments that had been kept away, the other soul fragments that had been scattered all over the realms had automatically found their way back into her body. At this moment, only the last few fragmented soul bits had not returned back to their original place.

Once those soul fragments were joined back together, Qing Lan Fei would then be able to start recovering her cultivation slowly, and she would no longer be as weak as she was at this moment.

Qing Lan Fei was lying down upon her bed with her eyes closed. In several Soul Nourishing Orbs a short distance away from her, wisp like and translucent soul fragments were slowly seeping out from the orbs, gradually turning into tiny glowing specks before they wafted right into Qing Lan Fei’s body.

As the light specks gathered up inside her body, the flawlessly beautiful countenance that had always been tinged with a slight sickly paleness all this time gradually gained a tinge of colour in her cheeks, turning slightly rosy, making her look a whole lot younger and much more like a little young lady.

But as her body recovered more and more, random and sporadic scenes suddenly appeared in her mind, and could not help herself but knit up her brows.

An elderly person whose face she could not see all that clearly was saying something very sternly to a young girl, before he flicked his sleeves angrily behind him to leave in a rage.

Her brows furrowed more tightly together, and she wanted to go get a clearer look at their faces. But she found that impossible to do, where they seemed to be going further and further away from her.

“Lan Fei! It’s time that you come back!”


An angry should shocked her violently awake, causing her to spring right up in her bed, her back soaked in cold sweat and her heart still thumping in terror.

“Fei Er, what happened there?” The door was suddenly thrown wide open, and Mo Jing Yu came walking in worriedly. He had been keeping watch outside the door, and he had come straight in when he heard the commotion inside.

Seeing that something did not seem right with the expression on the woman’s face, and her eyes looked rather flustered and helpless, Mo Jing Yu quickly stepped forward to pull the woman into his arms, and cooed reassuringly: “What’s wrong? Are you feeling uncomfortable anywhere?”

Or is it because her soul fragments had just returned back in place and her body has yet to be accustomed to them?

Qing Lan Fei’s mind was calmed by the man’s warm embrace and she gained back her composure. Subconsciously holding the man tightly, she started to call out to him: “Jing Yu…..”

“I’m here. Tell me what happened.” Mo Jing Yu said softly as he patted the woman comfortingly on her back.

Qing Lan Fei’s fingers tightened their grip and she started to say slowly: “I saw some strange images just now, and it felt as if….. I had forgotten something.”

“What did you see?”

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