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Black Bellied Belle: Demon Lord, Bite the Bait Please (Web Novel) - Chapter 263.2: Over Protective

Chapter 263.2: Over Protective

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Back when they parted, it was thought that he was just a passing acquaintance.

But by some cosmic coincidence, the child has now come to be tangled up with her daughter. The world is really such a strange place.

This was probably the amazing hand of fate in play.

“Temple Lord, people from the Dark Lands came.”

A cold and stoic Yue Fen dressed in all cool black came walking in from outside, and opened his mouth to report.

Qing Luo Yan was suddenly in the mood today and she was painting. Having not touched it for so many years, she did not seem to have become rusty in the slightest.

On the table was a painting of scenery that she had just finished, looking extremely lifelike. Every blade of grass and every tree looked so real that it seemed if a gust of wind blew in, the still life drawings of the plants would sway under the breeze, and the water’s surface would start to ripple.

Qing Yu was there by her side accompanying her and when she saw the painting, her eyes shone with a tinge of admiration and she went on to say: “The Temple Lord’s skill with the brush is really exemplary. Even the famous scholarly painters out there would have to stand aside before your talent.”

“The Temple Lord’s skills in painting was well known throughout Cloud Heaven back then, where no woman in her generation was able to compare to, fully deserving of her being known and acknowledged as being gifted.” A white bearded Elder started to say with a laugh from the side.

“The Temple Lord is truly such a great role model for women everywhere.” Qing Yu buttered up the woman with a straight face.

The expression on Qing Luo Yan’s face was emotionless, not showing so much as a faint smile. She had just put down her brush when Yue Fen coincidentally just happened to step into the place.

“Don’t the people from the Dark Lands see themselves above others? All the invitations I sent to them were all rejected and here they are knocking on my door this time? What kind of a trick do they have up their sleeves?” Qing Luo Yan curled up the ends of her lips, and asked in a sarcastic tone.

Yue Fen then replied: “They merely gave us a message and left immediately, saying that it was because their Dark Overlord had not returned for very long in the past, and they were unable to extract themselves out from the myriad affairs in the Dark Lands, hence they did not send us any reply. It was the Dark Overlord himself who sent his men here to deliver the message, saying that he would be coming to the Divine Temple to pay the Temple Lord a visit.”

“Alright then. You can be dismissed.”

Yue Fen acknowledged his orders and his gaze seemed to pass fleetingly over Qing Yu for a moment before he retreated his way out.

“Yu Qing, what is your view on this?” Qing Luo Yan’s eyes turned to the young lady beside her and opened her mouth to say.

When her name was called so suddenly, Qing Yu was taken by surprise for a moment before she asked looking a little bewildered. “What? ?”

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