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Black Bellied Belle: Demon Lord, Bite the Bait Please (Web Novel) - Chapter 264.1: Who is Provoking Who?

Chapter 264.1: Who is Provoking Who?

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Seeing Yue Fan’s cool expressionless good looking facade slowly start to crack right before her eyes, Qing Yu silently stifled the laugh rising up inside and said went on to say with a serious face: “Looks like that question is really too difficult. It is only normal that Lord Yue Fen does not know the answer to that…..”

She then turned her head around and left.


Yue Fen’s face slowly turned dark as he watched the young lady departing back gradually grew distant, his knuckles crackling as his fists clenched up tightly.

It seemed as though after Qing Yu was transferred back and was frequently summoned by Qing Luo Yan, the young lady was becoming more and more arrogant, even putting on airs, which often caused Yue Fen’s teeth to itch with rage, but found himself helpless and unable to do anything to her at all.

Pink clothed serving attendants with gently beautiful countenances came in carrying exquisite gourmet dishes in their hands, to lay them out neatly upon a long dining table.

It was not known whether it was just an illusion, but she seemed to feel as if all the flowers and trees in the Divine Temple today had been carefully trimmed and manicured. It looked as if Qing Luo Yan was paying great attention to etiquette, to receive this person coming in from the Dark Lands.

Looks like this particular man is really popular here isn’t he? Qing Yu thought silently to herself in her heart.

Right at the moment in the Dark Lands thousand of miles away from the Bright Moon Temple…..

It was a rare occasion on this day that Lou Jun Yao wore a highly majestic and regal suit of clothes suitable for attending a lavish banquet, though it was still in his usual favoured purple, its shade so deep that they were no different from those alluring violet eyes of his when they lit up in rage.

His already fair and smooth complexion when contrasted so strongly against that deep and impenetrable purple, looked even more fair, his exquisite features completely flawless with his thin lips curved up in a faint and almost imperceptible smile, the man’s captivating and mesmerizing demeanor feeling both mysterious and dangerous.

Bai Zhi Yan looked as if he had no bones, slumped down lazily on one side with a disdainful expression on his face as he said: “Do you feel that that face of yours is not enough to attract that woman? You’ve even dressed yourself up so devilishly good looking, aren’t you afraid that you’ll not be let out from there, your flesh gnawed all the way to the bones?”

Lou Jun Yao looked down and glanced at the man before he laughed scoffingly and said: “I’ve merely changed my clothes. Which eye of yours saw me dressing myself up? Even if you’re jealous that I’m more good looking than you, you do not need to curse me so venomously right?”

Suddenly ridiculed out of the blue, Bai Zhi Yan clamped his mouth shut.

But it really seemed that the man had only changed his clothes, and had not done anything more than that.

Clothes really do make the man it seems. He had not noticed that this fella had what it takes to seduce all the young fair maidens.

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