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Black Bellied Belle: Demon Lord, Bite the Bait Please (Web Novel) - Chapter 264.4: Who is Provoking Who?

Chapter 264.4: Who is Provoking Who?

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The Golden Winged Mythical Bird was a close relative of the phoenix bloodline and their outlook was a little similar, though they were quite a bit bigger in size than phoenixes, and looked more graceful and exquisite, a little less majestic and regal than phoenixes, still a highly powerful spirit beast in all.

This Golden Winged Mythical Bird was at level eighteen and its human form was that of a twelve or thirteen year old girl. It was probably because it had been brought back by Lou Jun Yao when it was still a young hatchling and added to the fact that it was a female bird, it was very close to Lou Jun Yao, seeing him almost like a father figure.

Lou Jun Yao sat upon its back and reached his hand out to stroke its head as he said: “How did you come to sense that I am in a good mood?”

“I can really feel it. My Master is not only in a very good mood, you have also grown to become more and more gentle.” The Golden Winged Mythical Bird said tenderly as it rubbed its head against the man’s hand.

Lou Jun Yao could not help but break out laughing upon seeing that. “You’re such a smart one. Just pick up the speed a little won’t you. This is the first day your Master is using you, so you’d better not make me late.”

“Of course, my Master. Sit tight.”

The Golden Winged Mythical Bird let out a excited cry and its massive body flew like an arrow far ahead, leaving a beautiful glittering golden trail in the sky.

“Hey, I heard that the Dark Overlord will be coming personally to pay our Temple Lord a visit this time. He did not show up when the Temple Lord extended an invitation to him so many times before, but he is finally coming here now.”

“Heh heh, this Overlord is a highly mysterious entity who seldom appear before people. It is rumoured that he has a pair of extremely beautiful violet coloured eyes that look like the most precious onyx…..”

“Not to mention his eyes, it is said that the Dark Overlord is very very handsome looking, his countenance so flawless that even out Temple Lord’s heart could not help but be moved when she saw that face!”

“I’m becoming really curious about this Dark Overlord. Wonder if we will have the chance to gaze upon his person in close proximity later. Sigh~ Our fellow sisters who will be serving the food at the banquet later are really lucky, to be able to serve him in the grand hall…..”

“What are all of you jabbering about clustered together there?”

A lofty sounding voice suddenly interrupted the group whispering in hushed voices, making all of them jump up in shock.

Turning around, they discovered a leisurely looking Qing Yu dressed in a female temple attendant uniform looking at them with curiosity in her eyes, her alluringly exquisite countenance tinged with a friendly smile.

But unfortunately, she wasn’t really that popular with the group.

When the female attendants saw her, they harrumphed derisively in unison before the leader among them said in a peculiar sounding tone: “Talking about being lucky, who could be luckier than her? Really don’t know what kind of a sneaky and devious method she used to gain the Temple Lord’s favour so quickly”

Immediately after saying that, the group of attendants quickly dispersed to carry on with their own tasks.

Qing Yu was speechless. “…..”

She doesn’t seem to remember ever having done anything to come offend them right?

Have they forgotten who was the one who saved them back when Yue Fen ordered for them to be executed?

What a bunch of heartless and ungrateful women!

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